About Red Lady Papaya

Hi Admins, Sr. farmers and all members…Namaskara…

I have 5 acre of coconut farm and i want to cultivate red lady pappya in that. so please any one guide me where to get the saplings and is their any nurseries around my location…

Location: I am looking for nurseries in Chitrdurga and Davangere Dist.

Thank You

Knownyou seeds Tumkur, Rakesh 09449116894.

I talked to Knownyou Seeds Tumkur. Seedlings are better or it is better to take seeds ?!

If you buy seeds it will cost you 4-5 rs/seed. If it is seedlings it is 10rs/piece
they claim 80%germination. Seedlings will be 45 days min. So you calculate which is convenient to you.

Thank You For Your Reply !!
What Will be the cost fr 10Grams ?