7.5Hp Solar Water Pumping for a goat farm @ Mandya

[b]Dear All,

Here is the link to a short video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation for a goat farm at Mandya;


The customer is very knowledgeable on goat farming. Apart from his goat farm business, he also offers consultancy services as well. You can always PM me for his contact details.

[glow=red,2,300]Project Capacity: 7.5Hp Borewell Pump, 3hp borewell pump[/glow]

[glow=green,2,300]Type of pump: 7.5Hp 3phase V6 & 3hp 3 phase V4 Borewell Submersible Pump
Type of Application: Flood irrigation
Location: Niluvagilu, near Mandya
Pump depth: 7.5Hp erected at 200ft & 3hp erected at 350ft
Distance Between pumps: 1800ft
Type of Panels: 8140Watts Polycrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed[/glow]

The solution can run the pumps on solar or 3 phase grid or WITH EVEN 2 PHASE GRID. Also the system is designed to operate 3 phase 3hp chaff cutter & 3hp pulverizer.

Also, the farm is going to be supplied with a 1.5kw solar plant to run 10 lights 12hrs a day, one DVR and CCTV security cameras 24/7, one TV for 1 hr, one refrigerator for 24hrs and also 6 LED high power street lights for 12hrs auto dawn-dusk operation.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


great. wonderful project.
what is the cost of the total project?


Dear RKS

Thank you

In general cost of solar water pumping system would depend on specific user requirements

Requesting you to let me know if you have any requirement and share your email so that I can send you the details


Hello Saravanakumar,
Thanks for your quick reply.

i have a borewell plan to be about 500ft.
site size: 2.40 acres.
location near srivilliputtur, TN
additional requirements: couple of street lights, a Fan.

can you provide quote.
my email is rajshsg@gmail.com


Dear RKS,

Thank you for the prompt reply as well and for the details.

Apart from the above, I need below info also;

A)Bore Dia
B)Water Table in Ft
C)Is application drip or flood irrigation?
D)Is the street lights already putup if yes what is the wattage?
E)Distance between streetlight to streetlight and streetlight’s and fan?


all are proposed only.
yet to start work. as i have already setting up another site with drip (already i have EB electricity)
generally the water is available about 250 to 350FT. planned to have 500 to 600 FT deep of 8inch dia borewell.
Application will be of Drip irrigation only.
total length of the site is about 450 FT.

one ceiling / Table fan and 2 lights are mandatory, and some basic electric outputs.

please consider St lights are just an option, not a mandate for me.
planning to have something about 10 st.lights gap of about 40 FT, so you can quote as an add-on module in the quote.


Dear Sir,

I have a borewell of 150ft depth with water from 80ft, I need a simple solution to pump the water out onto the field for flood irrigation and to store in a tank at ground level.

please suggest a solution along with approx. cost, etc.


Dear RKS,

Have sent you an email with details.

Please have a look.



One question…

You are taking information from members openly here

But sending quotation personally… why ?

Most of the people who are on this blog they are from farming business & they have bore or open well…

U can send it here … it will be good response & people can more trust on your company policy.

Dear Brijsolution,

Each and every requirement would vary and so would be the cost.

There have been cases with other similar forums, where we have offered the price for a specific requirement and unfortunately that price was benchmarked.Example, not all 5hp solar pumping systems would cost the same.

For example, the requirement of RKS & Madhav are different and unique to their specific requirements, I dont see a point in others knowing what would be the cost of the system for “their” requirements.

Moreover, any professional company would send in quotes on the letter head and document it with thier records.

I am fully aware of the faming community here. Posting quotes here is not how I would want to earn their trust. I am earning their respect and trust by showcasing our works.

Thank you for the suggestion but for now, the quotes would be sent individually based on specific requirements on our letter head duly signed and authorized in a professional manner.


Hi …

Thanks for prompt reply…

Even though some basics are same & basic price also same…

U have to show here…

At least show basic prices here… then see how u get response…

even we all are happy …

Finally up to u

Dear Brijsolution,

Let me explain the fact.

The costing of the system would be based purely on the BoM required as per the system technical design.

For technical design consists of 3 parts;

A)Sizing of the motor - many factors like bore depth, bore dia, water table, application, total area etc determines the motor size
B)Sizing of the power electronics - based on A
C)Sizing of the solar array - based on A & B

Meaning between site to site A, B & C all the three will vary and so would be the design.

I repeat again, cost varies and depends on specific requirements and hence we cant speculate indicative costing here.Also, you should understand that there cant be any commonality as far as solar design is concerned.

Two kinds of business operates in this solar industry;

Type 1: Standardized products, user needs to adjust his/her requirements to suit the product
Type 2: Customized turnkey products tailor made for specific user requirements

Our business model is type 2 when we started, now and in future as well.

I apologize for the disappointment but no, again “there cant be standard pricing offered for complete turnkey projects”


Dear Madhav,

Thank you for the message and enquiry.

Details emailed.

Kindly check.