7/12 Papers delays - Seeking advice

I have an agricultural property in Tamil Nadu and have corresponding Patta issued against the same.

I have purchased a small agricultural property in Maharashtra (Murbad District) to pursue cultivation (which has been my dream and passion) and carried out the registration process for the same. Later, I submitted my patta (including the translated and attested copies in English & Marathi) for the issuance of the 7/12 against the accquired property.  However, the tehisaldars office stated that my Patta would have to be verified by the Tamil nadu authorities before the 7/12 can be issued to me and stated that they would send the same.

Now its over 7 months and I am still told by the tehisaldars office that they have not received any response.

To the forum members, is this the expected process (including the time delay) or did I miss anything. Kindly advice
Secondly, Can I start plantations and cultivations whilst I await the paper work to be finalized?

Thanking You, Ashok

Dear Ashok,

First you must take a acknowledgment of tappal(postage) sent from Maharastra.
Secondly you have to check the recieving status at TN office, if it is recieved it will be waiting on case workers desk. You must personally insist him to look in to the papers.
Your presence is needed untill it is despatched from TN.

If you dont want to do this personally you can engage an agent. Yes. such things will take so much time unless you push it with bribing(disadvantage of being biggest democracy)

Try filing RTI, if you don’t want to pay bribe.


Thank you for your valuable inputs.

I do have the acknowledgement papers from the tehsildars office in Maharashtra. I will now have to start working with the TN side. Since it would not be possible for me to be personnelly present for a long duration in TN due to work commitments, I would appreciate if someone could share the agent information who could do the work for me.


Good post. Brings out the realities (pun) of dealing with bureacracy. And as Sri has suggested, this delay is likely to be resolved by greasing the cogs in the wheel. Had a similar experience while purchasing apt. in Mumbai. After three years of paying the stamp duty and registration cost, I had not received the original agreement. Against my own ideals, I resorted to ‘talking to the clerk’ who informed me that ‘he did’nt have the time’ to retrive the agreement. I then mentioned to him, that I would myself search it, and did so. This was in 1998, and talking aside to the cleark costed me 3,000/- bucks. The memory of this brings the dread of having to deal with unsavory officials who want bribes to do their jobs! And yes, as Sri rightly pointed out, this is the cost of living in a democracy!

They deliberately delay it so that they are paid for hastening the process .I faced the same at the talati office in Saralgaon office 2 years back inspite of hiring an agent.It was solved by a complaint to the Tehsildar(who was known to a friend of mine) and I paid the talati anyway because I had a couple of more registrations to be done.
The RTI option is good if you dont want to get your hands dirty but I havent used it so I cannot give you any pointers on that.

Thank You for your inputs.

However, I need your valued advice on the second question for carrying out plantations.  Can I start planting plants/trees whilst I awaiting the sorting of the paper work.

After registering the purchase in your name development can be carried out.
  But the situation at the site is also important: is the land fenced? Are the neighbouring farmers disputing the boundaries?  Believe me registering the land is only part of the process.When you start developing all kinds of problems crop up.
If the land is fenced then usually all those things have been sorted out and you can start your work.If not I suggest you start your fencing and deal with the problems which may crop up especially if you are an “outsider”

Yes, the land has been officially measured and fenced.

Then you can start your development work.But if you plan to take any subsidies etc you will require 7/12 in your name and membership (dakhla) of the local gram panchayat.