5HP 3Phase Electric motor pump water filter

Hi all,
Currently I am getting water from nearby canal to irrigate my 2.5 acre farm. Using 5HP Electric Water Pump. Sometimes there are so many weed and some seeds are coming via canal water, that is causing extra efforts for weed removal and all.
I want to install some kind of water filter on outlet pump so most of weed and seeds will be removed.
It is fine to have some filter which can be attachable to pipe or even it is fine to have some sort of filtration method via some small storage tank based.
Ultimately I want water to be filtered so the recurring cost of weed management can be removed gradually.

If anyone have any suggestion, please help me.

Aren’t standard screen filters, disc filters and cyclone filters used in drip irrigation not an option?

I guess one of these will do the job:

it’s not drip irrigation, it’s still flood irrigation.

Yes, but since you are using a water pump, can’t you plug a filter to the outlet pipe?

Sorry but I am novice to this thing, if you can guide/suggest me which filter will be best for filtration then it will be very helpful. we have 4’’ pipe for irrigation in land.
Is it feasible to have some sort of tank(concrete or anything) via which filter and from it the filtered water will be released to farm.