5 acres of Paddy Field for sale

I have 5 acres of Paddy field for sale. if anyone interested, please send me message.
will provide more details on the land.

it’s in Annarayanapura(Benkipura), Belekare Hobli, Hunsur Taluk


Give me for lease

Hi Manikandan,
I see that you are from Chennai and our paddy fields are in Mysore, katakana, are you still OK for leasing it, if you are interested, what’s your expectation, I mean how much are you willing to pay for per acre /per year. give some more details about you. we can discuss.


8939291924 This is my phone number
And my concern name MSM AGENCIES.
We are doing Farm Maintenance work

Hi Madesh,
Is this property next to road? tar, mud or so
What’s the expected price

Hi Duffy,
it’s not next to main road, we have to go through a Mud Road(attached to main road) approximately 400-500 mts from main road. price is 15Lakh/Acre

Kadambur hills area okay brother in tamilnadu near Karnataka border