5 Acres of Land - what to cultivate

HI I have a 5 Acrs of Land we have water supply for the land now i want to know what kind of crop can be cultivated on the land near Anantapur Dist Kothacheruvu village.

Please advice what to cultivate either Mango trees, Sapota, Orange, etc.


For your conditions…I would suggest inter cropping of pomegranate , sapota, papaya, and drumstick… . You can look into other options as well. But would suggest going for inter cropping.

You can grow high value seasonal crops. Seed production plots or any other buy-back agreement crops which will give you sure income.
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If you are having sufficient Water source it is Better to go for G-9 Tissue Culture Banana or plantain Banana . The Fruit Banana is having continuous Marketing and is having Standard Marketing since it is UNIVERSAL FRUIT. In case of Plantain Banana is also having GOOD Market. In view of the Health Conscious this also having a GOOD Market. We have sold the Plantain Banana Organic at Rs.400/ each at our Farm. We got a GOOD yield in using various Techniques.
Crop period for both are 12 Months and can harvest for 3 Years.
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HI Reddy im Amar from Kurnool.Did u start Cultivating? Can we Do it together?

5 acres is a great opportunity for creating a thriving and relatively diverse farm. Have you considered free range/organic chicken rearing amongst the orchards and plantings you are thinking of? If so this article may be of help:

Also add aquaculture to create a natural and sustainable farm much like this:

I think that this farmer does it really well.

Orchard is in your mind ?
If you have irrigation facility then plan a inter cropped high density orchard with year round supply of different seasonal fruits .
Thai apple ber ( red ) , harvesting : October to January
Passion fruit ( Yellow / Purple ) , Harvesting time : May - October
Indian Mulberry : March to May
Cape gooseberry : February to may

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Very गुड advice गिवन सिर, I am also planningfor my ६ acre land in Gujarat…advise me