30 Acres Farming, Need to minimize Farm Labour count and Farm expense

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I have 30 acres of Agriculture Land in the Village near Tindivanam (Tamilnadu).

Around 10 Acres acres are sandy, Presently cultivating Pulses and Ground Nut,
The remaining 20 Acres are Clay / Balck Soil, Presently cultivating Paddy.

I Doing Business and farming.

I feel there is no reasonable income, in the past 4 to 5 years, The price of paddy and other pulses slashed.

Meanwhile, other expenses such as labour cost, Diesel, Motor Pump Service, Tractor Service and etc were increased.

In order to run farming, I need to put my personal saving.

Now I understood, that I need to minimize the expense and need to change less expensive crops.

In my analyse I prefer to grow tree which consumes fewer waters, Such as

Jack fruit, Lemon, Cashew, and Mango.

Kindly provide your valuable ideas in this Matter.

#1 How to minimize Farm Labour count and Farm expenses?
#2 Kindly recommend Plants/Trees for 10 Acre sandy (Red soil) and 20 Acres are Clay / Balck Soil.
#3 Marketing Ideas

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Please update us too… I have over 25 acres and in our part getting labour itself is difficult.

Moreover, we have power issues, water issues, and I have around 25 cows.
Profitability is too far, I would actually be happy with a break even.

dear raj kumar. i can feel the pain you have. the only thing to reduce man power is either by going with hi - tech or latest irrigation technique like rain hose, drip or sprinkler depending upon the crop you are cultivating. For groundnut rain hose will be better for irrigation which i have employed in my field (10 acres groundnut, which does not require partition for irrigation)and got good result including less pest attack. but you require to irrigate weekly depending upon the requirements by just opening the valves. for clay soil paddy only will only the option and other things will not workout. plantation of trees will take long time to take returns. and even one cyclone will be sufficient to make you zero the investment.
for reducing manpower for groundnut now latest bed type seeding machine has come in use near kalpakkam and you can make use of it. for reducing weed new herbicide is available to control which can be sprayed on 15th day of seeding . the main labour involved in this is rolling of barrel to increase the yield. and harvesting can be done with the help of latest machinery.
my mobile umber is 9042338325. i am working as a maintenance engineer in BARCF, kalpakkam. please give details about your requirements.

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dear gajria. happy to have dairy forms. even i have cows (7 hf) and got minimum 18litres of milk for a day. 2 year back closed the dairy because of increase in feed price, labor cost, less milk rate and other cost etc. the only returns is cow dung and the calf which will be your income and that will be equal to your initial ( returns) investment in 15 months and that will be your break even point… people will say value added things will be better for the milk product. for example you can get 1kgs panner in 7 liters of milk( fat and snf should be more than 12%) cost of panner will be 300Rs and you can get ave 40rs per ltr of milk.
i) power issues can be overcome by solar pumps and need investment.
ii) water issues can be overcome by digging pond for 10cents area or more for rain water harvesting as per your requirements for that you can get 100% funding from govt., .i use to visit more area which has less source of water. for example, royakottai, agalakottai where people use to bring water from river and they fill it in open well for drip irrigation.
Keeping cows will be expensive and you can adopt for open grassing and reduce the labor cost and feed cost.
you can try for vegetable cultivation or for flower cultivation based on your area market requirement.

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Make compost and keeping laying hens will speed up compost production and give you eggs as well quickly…

Also make compost and this will remedy all your soils and helps if you have laying hens as well…

I am not sure as to what grows in your area as I am not from India.
However I have a small tropical farm and the easy crops are
Dwarf Samoan variety coconuts which fruit in about 8 years in sandy soils- required Manganese and Boron in soil or fertilizer…
Mangoes and Avocados of different varieties
I do some permaculture which also acts as a small nursery for the above trees including lychees and longanes which may or may not grow in your climate but principle should be same…
I planted papaya and bananas and the trees when they are done readily decay and form a micro habitat nursery for all sorts of other fruit trees and even some vegetables and squash and ginger and turmeric…
Cucumbers and tomatoes will grow anywhere hot and dry if you have irrigation and easy to harvest
Long Asian beans are delicious and easy to harvest if grown on a trellis and very productive and healthy…
Watermelon and Musk melons are same as cucumbers as are okras as long as there is irrigation available…

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Welcome @Bim_Meetarbhan
It would be great to see what goes on at your farm - please do create your farm thread if possible under #farm-showcase .

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I farm in Hawaii as well as just outside Vancouver area of British Columbia province in Canada. I am not tech savvy but will try and create the farm thread…


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Thanks for details info,
Yes Need to Implement Latest Technologies with less Labor.