30 Acres Farming, Need to minimize Farm Labour count and Farm expense

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I have 30 acres of Agriculture Land in the Village near Tindivanam (Tamilnadu).

Around 10 Acres acres are sandy, Presently cultivating Pulses and Ground Nut,
The remaining 20 Acres are Clay / Balck Soil, Presently cultivating Paddy.

I Doing Business and farming.

I feel there is no reasonable income, in the past 4 to 5 years, The price of paddy and other pulses slashed.

Meanwhile, other expenses such as labour cost, Diesel, Motor Pump Service, Tractor Service and etc were increased.

In order to run farming, I need to put my personal saving.

Now I understood, that I need to minimize the expense and need to change less expensive crops.

In my analyse I prefer to grow tree which consumes fewer waters, Such as

Jack fruit, Lemon, Cashew, and Mango.

Kindly provide your valuable ideas in this Matter.

#1 How to minimize Farm Labour count and Farm expenses?
#2 Kindly recommend Plants/Trees for 10 Acre sandy (Red soil) and 20 Acres are Clay / Balck Soil.
#3 Marketing Ideas

Thank You