3 acres in kodaikanal- need to start farm

Hi Friends,

I have 1 acre patta land and 2 acres agricultural land in kodaikanal ( 16 kms inside from kodaikanal) , now the fencing work is going to start this month end and would like to get you guys idea for the farming concept

i am planning to start Rambutan in 1 acre, 1 acre intercrops such as beans, potatoes, okra etc, and is it okey 1 acre papaya?  (red lady)

waiting for your valuable advise


It’s a great idea Kiran. Best of luck with it. It would be nice if you could start something like a blog and share your experiences with the rest of us.

I’ve heard that the water around kodai is extremely good for the plants (almost like “mineral water” someone said! ) and that you can grow exotic and high value flowers there very easily. Have you thought about this?

Other than Rambutan, the other stuff such as beans, potatoes, okra and pappaya can be grow in difficult conditions like Chennai itself. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that you can grow in the altitudes of Kodai that cant be produced anywhere else. Try looking at neighboring farms and talk to farmers as well. Maybe you’ll find something that generates a lot more revenue that what your looking at.

I wish you the best of luck with this venture.

P.S - I LOVE RAMBUTANS! So be sure to send me some when you have your first produce :wink:

Thanks Yasser,

i have a small stream which is going through my land and i hope that will help me through out the year.  My advocate told me about the flower project, and i am not finalised it so far.  have to start the plantation of rambutan which we will get the yield only after four year!!

I am happy to share all my thoughts with you thorugh farmnest and the blog which i will start shortly.

Yasir will get the Rambutan  :smiley: if god is with me as always  :smiley:


Best of luck & lot of wishes…

As your are mentioning " ADVOCATE "… What mean of that ? Mean of consultant for this project

Hi Birjsolution,

Thanks for your reply, there is no consultant for this project, i have a personal advocate who did the documentation and registration of my property. 

it is not financially viable to put a consultant if we have a small farm.



Dear Kiran,

First of all my best wishes for your project and that too especially that is at my favorite destination Kodaikanal!

Rambutan is tree so you would need to layout the spacing in such a way that you can intercrop without the rambutan affecting the intercrops.

Kodaikanal because of the so many natural springs, climate & altitude should offer great scope for you to try high value fuits like lanzones,durian etc which offer great potential for export markets.


thank you Saravana,

For rambutan, i have contacted the best saplings nursery from kerala, which is in kottayam, www.homegrown.in, they do supply rambutan, magostene and durian.  but currently i am not sure they have lanzones. i do check about that.

For the plantation of rambutan, i will consider the distance and the layout in order to do the intercrops as you mentioned.

all your ideas are warm welcomed! :slight_smile:

Check this out Kiran;


Now you know why durian… :slight_smile:

Also, didnt know that  Soursop is 600 bucks a kg!!!  :astonished:


Hi Saravana,

Seems good, but what is the potential market in tamilnadu for these?  Do you know where we can get lanzones seedlings (grafted)



Only Tamil Nadu would be too narrow a market for this. I would probably be looking at export market.

Regarding seedlings, I once knew a company in kozhikode kerala, who were into durian & lanzones. Would see if I am able to pick up their contact details.

Meanwhile you sure can google to see if you get any pointers.



yearofthedurian.com/2013/07/ … D0OAmeSxA0

The link is very true. I have once tasted durian at Baraliar.



What is mean of patta land?

Land other than inhertited by declaration/bagar hukum etc. Before indpendence perticular comunity of people were not elegible to own land, land reforms act of independent India enabled them to own land and gave them lands. Such lands are not elegible transfer to any other comunity than same or can be transffered with Govts permission.

Transfer needs a strong paper work at secrtariet and the seller must invest the money to buy another land or residential plot. If the paperwork is incomplete, seller has the right to get it back.

People avoid such lands.

A patta land means it is private property stands in the name of an individual in the Revenue Records of the Government… In fact in case of civil disputes patta holder is having good title over the property.

hi saravana,

Let me get more details about durian, i will post soon, also had sent an email to one person who has a nursery of lanzones, will post if i get the reply


hi friends,

Fencing work is on progress, and planning to start 1 acre with rambutan approx 200 trees, and one acre with red lady papayas.  how many papaya trees can be done in 1 acre?



Check out fb page for the images

Thank you all!!!

Hi Friends,

Doing the fencing work now @ my farm, will start one acre with Mangosteen and one acre with Redlady papaya!

Give your views!