20 to 22 litres milk good breed cow


Iam plannning to start diary farm in Warangal district of Telengana region with 35 to 50 cows so let me know which breed is good suitable for the Warangal climate which goes in summer 45 Degree and the cost of the cows and daily consuming milk in litres


There is no veriety which can give 22 liters of milk throughout the lactation. Few animals can give for a span of 20-25 days of period. This is not a bench mark yield. A yield of cow is taken average yield of the entire lactation. Usually it is 12-15L for HF animals and 8-10 for Jersey.

You can go for a shed with foggers and choose HF.

Do you have prior experiance with cow’s? else start it with smaller numbers, also as Mr. Sri rightly said, 22 ltrs/time for whole lactation period is not available, just think of HF or Jersy and try to refine your goal.

What our Brother Said is Correct. Average milk yielding of even Jersey is about 15 Lts/ Day in TWO Times i.e Morning.

One should Provide Climate Conditions during Summer. If you Start a Diary Farm you start Growing Azola which the Rich Feed for Cow/Goat etc. We are having Azolla Mother culture whichwill be Provided from May 2014onwads.
for Vasudha Green Farms,

Select cows which has the genetic potential to produce 18-25 liters of milk in the morning and if milking is done giving 12 hours gap, yield will be the same, 2 times a day. Cow can produce milk but it also needs nutritious well balanced diet, calcium and mineral supplementation, green fodder of 25-30 kgs a day. Maize is also good for cows. Give good height for roof, split roofing. Give enough ventilation, put fans inside the shed. Store water in front of the cows using water bowls. Water misting fans ideal and it should be put twice a day once by 11 am and by 3 pm. Spraying water on cows  body twice a day will also work.  Breed - preferably a mix of Pure HF, Jersey,GIR, Sahiwal,Tharparkar will be nice.

Murali Krishnan

Please suggest where I can see GIR, Sahiwal,Tharparkar near to
bangalore/Mysore.  I am planning to have 10 females and 2 males of any of these or combination. 

Thanks in advance

Dear KrishnaPrasad

Gaushala in malur would be good to visit and understand about multiple varieties of indian cows, but not sure whether you can buy there
also you can try Shree Ramachandra pura mutt in Hosanagara

Plant shade giving trees around the shed.Give good height for the roofing - split roofing. Install shower equipment for spraying water on cows body during hot times- twice a day- once in the morning by 11 am and afternoon by 3 pm. (In small farms, just spray water on cows body) . Give provision using water bowls for drinking water 24 hours a day in front of the cows. Keep all 4 sides open. If possible install ceiling fans or oscillating fans.  Minimum 25 kg green fodder for lactating cows with calcium and mineral supplementation as need be. De-worm cows periodically.

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I talk with so many people at Facebook. They said their Hf cows give milk 30 lit per day.
Now i am confuse, kindly help me…

Hi Vishal,

Plan for 12-15 ltrs a day. That is an average across. There are few exceptional cows which give higher yield, if you get one, be happy. I see that you are still in planning stage, so my suggestion - exotic output is rare, plan your project keeping average (few liters lesser is also good) yield.

Be prepared for less, if you get more, reap the benefits :slight_smile:

Dear Vishal Goel Ji,
I saw your Message just now,I saw your messages on other thread also just now,I dont know what is the situation now,but still I will try helping you.The best Cow breed today is Gir cow with respect to climate withstanding ,behaviour,Milk yield (30 lit per day if well kept ),you can see videos of Gir keepers on you tube ,(one Mr.Girish sutharia from Ahemadabad and another Mr.Bhalla from Noida Delhi),With these videos you should get a fair idea.
Secondly please keep in mind that it is proved scientifically that Jersy,Hf cows milk is extremely dangerous for health so dont become party to spoiling health of people,you can google and find difference between A1(jersy)and A2 (desi cow) milks,for your 1 acre space you can use Hydroponics and Azola feed for your cows for that 1 acre land is more than sufficient In my view Gir will be best second will be Thaparkar they also have good milk yield 20-25 lits/day,hope this helped. Best of Luck to you.