20 days old sacha inchie ,a super miracle plant


Performing well in organic growing medium and also fast growing …Really it is a million dollar plant owing to its many health benefits in human being

Brain and mental health - boosts cognition, memory and clarity, maintains fluidity and rigidity of cellular membranes, boosts mood and decreases symptoms of depression, increases nerve transmission, helps with attention deficit problems or hyperactivity disorders.

Bones and joints - helps efficient absorption of Calcium, maintain bone density, anti-inflammatory action provides pain relief and reduces morning stiffness, lubricates reducing pain from Arthritis, rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases, improves mobility and grip strength.

Cardiovascular - reduces triglyceride levels and boosts HDL cholesterol, reduces Hypertension and arterial inflammation, enhances structural integrity and elasticity of blood vessels, prevents blood clotting.

Eyes - improves vision and reduces risk of Glaucoma.

Immunity - reduces risk of certain cancers, boosts immune B cells.

Pregnancy - non-toxic omegas are essential for the neurological development during the fetal stage, improves postural, motor and social functions of premature babies, positive results in the mental development of children.

Skin/Hair - antioxidant and anti-aging, prevents free radical damage.

Weight Loss - regulates blood sugar levels, increases metabolism promoting natural fat loss.

Dear Ramu,
I would like to get some seedlings or seeds of the Sacha Inchie.  How much it costs?  Can I get your phone number. As I am not in a condition to travel for a long distance i am unable to come and collect it personally. So if you can send some seeds by courier or post, it would be much helpful to me.  Kindly inform me the price for a handful of seeds, say abot 100or 500 grams or even less. Give me your bank account details including account number,  name of thebank and branch, IFS code etc… My contact numbers are 9605280506, 8547222900 or 04672222900.  My mail id is gvaranam@gmail.com.  WhatsApp no 9400126506 Kindly reciprocate at the earliest.
Thanking you,
Truly yours,
George Joseph Varanam.

Thank you Dear friend Mr.George

Right now I am just having 5 plants only that I hope will be developed healthy to produce necessary seed material in about 4 to 5 months time …In the mean time I spoke to my friend in Columbia near peru country in South America today evening for getting me as much seeds as possible .He also told he would try his level best to send sacha inchie seeds…If I get seeds from columbia then I will let you know …otherwise please wait for next 4 mont hs…Sure I will arrange to deliver you few seeds…stay blessed dear friend …

vanakkam ramu sir
can you please arrange some sacha inchie seeds for trial
scientist venkat

Dear friend …sure will give you some seeds when our plant bear fruits …

Dear Friends. I would like to know more details about this… can you pls give your contact number?

Dear friend …The history of Sacha inchi goes as follows
The 3,000-year-old crop that nourished an empire

The ancient Incas of Peru were well acquainted with the nutritional force behind sacha inchi.

Cultivated over 3,000 years ago, this revered plant was inscribed on Inca tombs.

These warriors extracted the oil from the seeds for cooking, but also recognized the advantage of consuming the prepared leaves and roasted seeds

Exceptionally plentiful in beneficial fats (14 grams per ounce), unsaturated fatty acids (linoleum, linolenic), protein (nine grams per ounce) and vitamins A and E, sacha inchi was an important staple of the Incan diet.

It is also a high-yield crop, producing an abundance of seeds per hectare.

Inca peanut, otherwise known as sacha inchi, is a powerful superfood chock-full of omega-3s, protein and fiber.

As an inflammation fighter, sacha inchi is extraordinary. The brain, bones and joints all benefit from the remarkable nutrition of this little known edible.

These Amazonian nuts are also a formidable protector against cancer, heart disease and free-radicals.

Inflammation taming, brain boosting and bone strengthening food

As a unique vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids, sacha inchi tames inflammation quickly. These fats are also easy to digest, unlike many fish oils. This means more of the inflammation crushing compounds, like resolvins and protectins, are absorbed and utilized by the body. Since inflammation is the root of most disease, it is important to keep it in check. Health benefits of sacha inchi include:

A better brain - Research has shown that a deficiency of omega-3s can trigger mental illness, depression and lack of clarity. But when omega-3s are added to the diet, these issues are reversed. When inflammation is reduced in the brain, mood and mental health improves. An Italian study found that participants who consumed omega-3s for just one month reported a sharper mind, elevated mood, increased focus and improved complex information processing. Sacha inchi is also an abundant source of tryptophan, an important feel-good neurotransmitter.

Healthier bones - Omega-3s help the body to efficiently absorb calcium. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study of 1,500 men and women found that those who consumed the highest amounts of omega-3s also had the highest bone density and bone mineral levels. Specific bone-building hormones and biochemicals were elevated as well.

Protection against cancer - When adequate levels of omega-3s are found in the diet, cancer risk is reduced. In human clinical trials, omega-3s were shown to protect breast and prostate cells from mutation. For those who added omega-3s to their diet, biochemical protectors increased an impressive 40 percent compared to those who did not supplement.

It is a forgotten food and only recently people became aware of this super miracle plants and started reaching other parts of the world…

It comes up well in range of soil and climatic condition however the best yield is recorded in hilly lateritic soil with acidic PH like 4.5 onwards .

And also it can be best grown in Tropical and sub tropical climate and this inca nut crop respond very well to organic matter …

Though it respond well to organic rich growth medium it can be cultivated as mono crop over large extent using chemical fertilizers plus sufficient organic manures…

The sacha inchi is a perennial creepers that needs to be pruned from 60 th days after planting and can be maintained even for generations …

The whole plant carries extraordinary medicinal principle - The leaves are prepared into tea that forms part of human diet that when being drunk regularly reduce body weight and remove free radicals from human body …

The seeds of this sacha inchi crop is an excellent oil used in cooking and cosmetic industry

The lightly fried/ roasted  seeds/ nuts of this crop  are the best bite for human being

This plant looks like a natural panacea for most of the human ailments and diseases

There is also a rumor prevailing among the tribal people of Peruvian Inca clan that the sacha inchi foods cures anti fertility problem and helps in remedying Gynecological problem .

Now only this sacha inchi is gaining people’s knowledge of its miracle effect in other parts of the world …

I am also new to this sacha inchi . Only after perusing the relevant literature and in further curiosity to know fully about this plant I contacted many of my colleagues that are working in Columbia and Brazil in south America I started realizing the real potential behind this miracle plant …So I started bestowing much care on developing this plant into more area …I just have 5 plants …I am squeezing my brain to propagate this plant through other methods like tissue culture or rooted cuttings and any other methods which gives best result to multiply this plant in short period …

Dear Mr.Ramu,

Thanks for all the wonderful information you have provided.
I am from Chennai and eager to see the plant personally.
Please let me know when/if this is possible.

arian.suresh (at) gmail.com

Vanakkam Ramu Garu,

Thanks for the information, and bless the plants to grow healthy.


30 days old sacha inchi plants have been transplanted in the main field and all the plants got established well and picked up speed and started climbing over support twigs

Ramu sir,
What is the status of the Sacha Inchi plants now? Were you able to multiply their numbers more? Any chance I can get a few seeds from you?