1HP pump

I am new for farming.
I have purchased 25 Kunta’s of land and panted 30 Coconut plants. The land is in the back of a Lake, so the water is available in the lake for almost 9 months a year, but is wont flow back to the land as the land is back side of the lake.

I am planning to buy a water pump.  Is 1 HP pump enough for 25 Kunta land ? (some 30 coconut plants, and in future i am planning to plants coco in between coconut.)
Could you also suggestion any good company and model of the pumps for agricultural use.


Hi Guru,

I am managing some 9 aces with a 7HP pump and hence I guess your 1HP pump will sufficient for your needs. Other more knowledgeable people can comment. Moreover, the amount of water available to be pumped is more of a concern.


Dear Sri guru,                        As there is no head ( loose water from lake, head is less than 30 ft, is negisible), 1 HP pump can draw/discharge  water @ 2,500 ltrs per hour (approximate) and you coconut plants and future cocoa plants require 6,000 ltrs to 8,000 ltrs per day maximum. With a run of less than 3 hrs, you can fulfill your requirement.            Apart, you provide a reservoir tank also in your land, of capacity to hold 3 months requirement ( say around  6  lakh ltrs capacity, ie; 45ft x 60 ft x 6 ft tank with 200 micron film layered, ), which may cost around 25,000/_ rupees for needs when the lake is dried.                With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

Thanks for the valuable feed back. I will go with 1HP pump. Regarding the reservoir tank, yes its good idea. I will plan it accordingly.

I have one more question. I have finalized this pump " pumpkart.com/kirloskar-sing … s-plus-1hp " , but one of the friend is suggesting submersible pump is good. Please let me know your opinion on this. And is the above pump good.

Dear Guru

Yes your friend is correct.

Since openwell submersible work at zero suction head you get exceptional discharge for the same capacity on monoblock or self priming.

As others have pointed out 1hp is more than sufficient for your requirement as water source is not a problem in your case.But if the distance is long between your land & the lake the discharge would affect drastic. How far is the distance between your land & the lake?

Also, please select 1phase or 3phase depending on power availability.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar

Hello Saravana Kumar,
Thank you. My land is just next to the Lake, but the other end of the land it at almost 200 meter far. So it must pump upto 200mtrs. 
The land structure is 13 meter * 200 meter. Will this have any effect on the output ?