100 Cow Dairy Farm

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[align=center]Consultancy services to set up
100-Cow Dairy Farm
in India[/align]

We have successfully planned for dairy farm consisting 100 cows in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. (In fact it is integrated with 5000 liter per day Milk Processing Plant.) Bankers are in-principle agreed and cowshed construction work is most likely to be commenced from July 2011 onwards.

Our cowshed is unique and spacious enough to accommodate almost 200 cows. We are purchasing milch cows of second lactation along with heifer. After 2-3 years surely we need more space and hence planned for it right now. Cowshed contains nicely designed small cottages for visiting potential tourists. Specifications are as per NABARD guidelines. Area required is 80000 square foot for cowshed construction (built up area) and adequate land for green fodder cultivation. It contains separate rooms for milch cows, dry cows, calf, milk room, stores, labor rest room, office, tourist cottage, strolling area for cows and guard room surrounded by boundary wall with gate. We have done proper designing to collect cow urine and to compost cow dung.

We are informing relevant project statistics for 100-cows dairy farm for the year Apr’12 to Mar’13:

100 Milch cows including transportation: Rs. 41,00,000=00
Cowshed construction: Rs. 30,00,000=00
Equipments: Rs. 3,40,000=00

Term Loan: Rs. 58,27,000=00 (qtr. installment Rs. 4,00,000=00)
NABARD Subsidy: Rs. 1,25,000=00
Cash Credit Limit: Rs. 5,60,000=00

Milking days: 3000 days
Dry days: 650 days

Total income by sale of milk: Rs. 99,00,000=00
Total income by sale of urine: Rs. 58,400=00
Total income by sale of cowdung: Rs. 6,13,200=00

Total feed cost for milking cows: Rs. 40,42,500=00
Total feed cost for dry cows: Rs. 3,86,100=00

Profit before Interest, Depreciation & Tax: Rs. 53,95,600=00
Net Profit: Rs. 43,58,870=00

Current Ratio: 1.82
Bank Finance to Working Capital gap: 0.60
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio: 2.33
Return on Capital: 54%
Net Profit Ratio: 39.28%

In addition to Blue Print Layout along with Construction Cost Estimate for Cowshed  we will provide Detailed Project Report which includes - Introduction, Managing activities of Dairy Farm (along with typical time table), Healthcare & feeding, Marketing of milk, Financial projections for profitability, balance sheet, cash flow statements, ratio analysis and annexure related to financial projections.

Ordering and payment: Our services are available for nominal fee, many clients are worried for it. We don’t want to disclose price here itself. We want to associate with serious entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should not be concerned for price of project report, rather they should be bothered for establishing and running successfully their business venture. To order our services please reply through PM informing your complete particulars (you have to register and login in this forum).

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Dear Sir, I am interested to setup a small dairy farm in our village with 25 cows & Buffalo. Kindly send your consultancy charges for design, and construction of shed and project report for the same.



Making Blue Print Layout with Construction Cost Estimate from certified Architect/Structural Engineer is costly when done on individual basis. Further we need to prepare entrepreneurs for meeting requirements for collateral and margin money. We need to abide by certain statutory requirements too.

We have chalked out following procedures, which are essential for sanction of project and operations of proposed project, which could be available to you at affordable cost.

Land: We need 80000 square feet area for construction of cowshed and plant for milk processing. This should be in ownership of entrepreneur, accessible by road. Land needed for cultivation of green fodder can be taken on Long Term Registered Lease. Here entrepreneur has to meet expenditures for converting land from agricultural to commercial and expenditures for executing Registered Long Term Lease Deed. This 80000 square feet land could be kept by your banker as collateral security for your project.

Blue Print Layout with Construction Cost Estimate: This could be costly when done on individual basis by certified architect or structural engineer. Cost of obtaining this could deter serious entrepreneurs to take up this project. We have readymade layout of 400’ x 200’ which could serve as prototype. Entrepreneur in Agra has paid substantial amount for it. Since it is complete with all aspect we can deliver the same to you at affordable cost.

If the dimensions are different from 400’ x 200’ then we have to start afresh. Even in this case we will try our level best to deliver you at affordable cost.

Valuation of land & building will be done by Registered Valuer valid all over India. Your banker may insist for valuation to be done by their own valuer, however we will take enough care that no substantial difference between our valuation & banker valuation will exist.

Procurement of Milch Cows along with Heifer: It should be from reputed and registered dealer, who has records of breeding, milking, vaccination, feeding, etc. It is not the serious constraint.

Cost of Milk Processing Plant: With dairy farm projects bank needs certain tie up for selling milk. Hence we have planned for in-house milk processing plant of capacity 5000 liter per day. We can avail 25% subsidy from MOFPI, New Delhi. Total project cost of milk processing plant will be discussed only when you order for our services. Reason for not telling you right now is we have to do little financial adjustments and to plan for margin money. Total project cost excluding land include building, main production line equipments, other machines, vehicles, furniture, electrical fittings, contingencies, pre-operative expenses, etc. If you want to set up only 100 cow dairy farm then we need certain tie up to sell milk either to other’s processing plant or to milk parlour network. Owning in-house milk processing plant is feasible and most viable.

Preparing for margin money and collateral: Hope entrepreneur will not mind discussing these issues personally. We are based in Agra. In fact we would like to go through your IT Returns and plan for it. These are major challenges for your project to get sanctioned and to avail subsidy. Personal meeting is not necessary if you are having INR 0.3-0.4 million networth.

Technical details for managing cowshed: We will provide elaborate manual for daily operation of cowshed. It is essential to convince banker and NABARD both that entrepreneur has sufficient managerial skills to operate cowshed. It includes cleanliness of cowshed, feeding, health care, vaccination, insemination, etc of cows & heifers.

Process detail of milk processing plant: It is essential for startups. Detailed Project Report is in bankable format and it includes detail manufacturing process with specified input & output at various stages.

Other documents: We need to form proprietorship/partnership/limited company. We need to adhere to certain legal formalities too before submitting our proposal to bank. We will render all necessary services in these regards.

Hope we have been able to answer queries regarding how you can avail our services. Our intention is not just selling project report. Rather we want to ensure that the project is established as we have envisaged. Please suggest if we need to give you clarifications on other matters, if any.

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Dear sir,
please send me your contact details at saubc9@rediffmail.com or contact me at 9717311990 .

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Can i have your contact no or mail ID please…

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Kindly mention for this 100 cows how much land is required for fodder cultivation. What will be our cash investments.  there is no mention about the provision of a veternery doctor. Lastly is the project viable at the same parameter at chennai. climate. Please mail your reply to my mail ’ vwxyz2010@rediffmail.com’

80000 sq feet for cowshed? that means 1000 sq feet per cow? holy cow!


I have a piece of land of around 40000 SQFT. It is approx 15 Km from Patna (Capital of Bihar) and lies in agricultural Belt. Road connectivity is excellent and have access to Tubewell. I wanted to start a Dairy with 25 cows initially and scale it up to 100 within 1 year time. Boundary work and Land filling has been completed. Now I am Searching for some suitable consultant who can help in this complete process. My contact no is 9830186669.


i am interested in opening a 100 cow dairy farm please contact me to my no. 9430156934

Sir Please contact to me for dairy farm mob.- 8435109010

Sir I want to start a modern diary farm (50 cows) with full automation at odisha so plz suggest/contact me how to start ? Mob no 7277685474…thanking you sir

Hello Sir,
I want to start a dairy farm in Jharkhand. Please guide me with process and land requirements. Please share your contact number.