1 lakh earning in one acre - lemon grass cultivation

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I have heard that in lemon grass cultivation we can earn one lakh in one acre by selling it’s oil frnds any body have idea pls share here
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Bala krishna

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It will workout only when it is bulk.Hence  you need to Cultivate at least 10 Acres and need to install a Oil extraction Plant. Kindly go through the details of  essential Oil Extractions. Before going for Lemon Grass Oil Extraction plant.

  1. agritech.tnau.ac.in/horticulture … al_oil.pdf
  2. smallb.in/sites/default/files/kn … _plant.pdf
  3. dhopeshwar.in/product-Essent … ion-Plants

No. One can earn around Rs.25,000 per acre. All most all the distillation units were closed in Prakasam & Nellore areas.

B R Reddy

Lemon grass cultivation has few plus points as follows:
1.It can continue for 5 years once planted.
2.It needs 2-3 cuttings per year
3.It can successfully sustain in good as well as in poor soils.
4.No wild animal damages it.Even elephants can not damage it except trampling it.No pig etc uproots it so farmer is worriless
5.Nearly free from all diseases.
6 It can get an earning of Rs 120,000/- to 1,50,000 per hectare per year.
7.Its oil remains in good demand.
8.Its slips can be sold to other nearby farmers at good price.
Keeping in view these points any one can decide his course of action.As a comfortable crop it is always recommended for barren lands.

Thank you so much for the kind reply Dixitji.
Sir I would like to know that which type of soil. climate and weather, geography (in India), topography can it be grown?

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I have  for-gotten to tell you that Marketing of Oil is Big Problem because Artificial / Synthetic Fragrances are dominating the Natural Oils. Think it Once again before going for this Cultivation.

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Lemon grass can survive not only in good lands but also in barren lands.Only inhibition is laterite land which is as good as dead & can sustain very few crops like cashew etc.It can survive in nearly zero temperature.What I forgot to write was that no weeds can survive under lemon grass.Regarding Vasudha Farm,it is to suggest that no artificial aroma can match the natural oils.The lemongrass oil is cash crop and is sold in bulk daily.By describing its positive sides please do not think it is very good crop and there is mad rush amongst readers.It also has its negative sides.The returns are not very appreciable,there is a requirement of huge investment for distillation plant and at times oil gets burnt during distillation and returns go down drastically.The use of crops is not a farmer’s choice.Land itself dictates what should be grown in it.For marshy lands we recommend acoras calamus(vach) for some times marshy and some times dry soils requires khus grass.This is just an example and not comprehensive matter.