ZBNF inputs around NCR, New Delhi, Delhi, haryana, UP

I am into terrace farming using ZBNF methods, but its very difficult to get the ZBNF preparations in the metro city like New Delhi.

I wanted to buy Bijamrit, Jeevamrit, Ghana Jeevamrit and Neemastra around Delhi NCR region.
Can any one point to to the right company or person/farm where i can get the above.


Yes dear Subhrajyoti,you have to first locate a Goshala,then only you can do ZBNF,generally there are goshlas in areas you have to locate one.Or you can ask pple who supply desi cow milk/ghe,you can arrange gomutra and dung thru them.

Hello mam. It’s nice to hear that you want to go with natural farming. I’m also organic farmer. I’m from Ambala Haryana. Pls tell me details what products (natural resources) you want. I have most of that

for terrace farming ZBSF inputs are not mandatory …cocopeat , vermicompost , neem cake combination are perfect media .