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For strawberry cultivation would the following environment work?
a. Moderate climate throughout the year (near Palamaner)
b. Red soil

If not, would guava L49 be a good choice?
Can we grow vegetables like tomato as intercrop between Guava plants?


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Red soil suit all these crop like vegetables , strawberry and guava provided you do amend soil little in favor of specific crops

Vegetables generally grow in a slightly acidic PH from 5.5 to 6.5

Strawberry also grow in such an acidic PH

Guava grows well in varying soil condition from slightly acidic to alkaline soil PH

Red soil vary in characteristics …like hard red laterite , Red sandy loam, Red sandy …

For strawberry Red sandy loam or red sandy with good soil organic content is a best fit in your location registering moderate climate with temperature ranging from 12 to 35 or some extent 37 degree celisius with small variation in yield as influenced by different temperature range and weather …

Regarding intercropping , you can grow vegetables in guava until guava reaches height and develop wider canopy …However in High density planing , intercrop is not advisable …

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  Thanks for the wonderful elaborated and well explained advice, suggestion and recommendation, looking at the photographs without opening, i was in thought that its Brinjal or some other small vegetable plant, but surprised to see that it is really Guava looking at full screen,  Please guide me on that in more detail,

how much would be the space between each plant/ Tree, layout chart, bed distance,raised height, etc,
how to maintain the plant in such level as in photographs,
Would be the regular cycle to trim the plants to such heights,
what care i have to input,
where to get the best saplings. 
What would be my investment and return
What is the duration for cropping,
For how many years i can use the same sappling,
Any special care to be given,
Best time to plant the saplings,
Which would be best practice to have best return value, Organic or Inorganic or mixed as suggested above.
How to and where to market it,
Not sure whether i have tested this fruit, But I assume that it is sweeter as you mentioned,
Whether i can get subsidy for the drip irrigation setup,
How many labours are required during harvest,

Kindly enlighten me more in detail about this Guava plantation,

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Thank you and wishing you the same …let us celebrate diwali first …when you plan your planting program I will tell you what exactly to do …and how to do …

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Thanks Mr. Ramu… enjoy the day…


Happy Deepavali Mr Ramu.
Thanks for your valuable insights.
Since Strawberry season starts in September, would you suggest a short term crop
for 6 months or so?
This project I am working on is to setup an orphanage. I am acquiring about 3 acres for
this and planning to cultivate in 2 acres or so. I am hoping the income from this cultivation
can be used to take care of part of the expenses of the orphanage.


Sure if you do it for orphans then happy


Dear Ramu,

We are Delhi based individuals wants to start the cultivation of Strawberry in Himachal Pradesh with Hydroponic Technique. Please share your contact details so that we can discuss the matte at an length and start the association effectively.



Namaste sir,
I request you to privately message me your farm address and contact so that I come and Learn from you.
Iam Aditya, 23 and want to pursue agriculture which is the foundation of my family. It’s a sad state of affairs where a doctors son encourages him to be a doctor… So are all the other profession except farmer.
Most of them site their plight to children and say go study and don’t be a farmer like me.
The reason to this core grave issue are multiple. But now settling them and showing the reality of hamster in a wheel life in cities. My parents have opened up to follow my heart.
I request you the same. Iam not here in this platform to question or doubt things n methods.
Iam here to learn from the Farm Guru here.
Thank you
Aditya Swaroop


I went through an article about the new variety of strawberry through this article http://bit.ly/2EFYjRe,
was keen to know where to find it. Mailed this news site as well, but haven’t received any reply yet.