Work Starts At My Farm

Dear All,
First of all i must thank all the members of this forum for sharing their lovely and practical views on farming.
I am new to agriculture and I have been monitoring and reading all post from couple of months. I have been wanting to start farming from couple of years but i guess we have to wait for the right time.
I have visited couple of farm doing natural farming along with Mr.Subramaniam and one with Sri. Must say u both have good knowledge in agricluture field.
Now i want to inform you all that work at my farm has begun.
The land is 3 acres with open well.
The fencing work has started. I have installed barbed wire all round with 6 lines of wire for safety issue.
After the fencing work finsihes in 2-3 days i am planin to make staff room and cover the open well.
I request all you to suggest on my next move as to what all must be taken care of in terms of infrstructre befor we start planting.

Below are some pics of the work at the farm.
Kindly give your valuable feedback.

Hi Ashishsharma,

Although regular viewer of this forum and enthusiastic to become a farmer one day, have less to contribute to you thread.

I am in the process of buying a 6 acres of land and fencing it. Was looking for some info on barbed fencing cost.

Appreciate if you tell me what it cost and location of your farm


Congratulation Ashish.

Congratulations sir.

Hi Congrats! Happy to see you relish in dream-come-true experience.
I am new here & look forward to get in to Organic Farming soon, kindly pass on any helpful tips for me as a starter.
Wishing you all the very best!

Dear Ashish

Hearty congratulations Without any more worries and apprehensions or discussions you have materialized your passion. Its great and encouraging.

Wish you all the best wishes and awaiting for updates about your farm. Have you give name to the farm?


Dear Tnm  - My land already had poles installed and some area had wire installed. So i basically just renovated it by putting new wires in some area and spent 18k with material and labour. But it should cost your aroun 35k - 40k depending on the quality of the material and the labour rate around your place.

Dear Sri - Thanks a lot .

Dear Prasadbldr - Thanks again

Dear Ramyy2k - Thanks and i shall surely share tips wen i start with planting.

Dear Rmathewsin - Thanks a lot. Will surely update soon on the process. I shall name the farm in a month or two when its fully functional.

Hi Ashish,
  Hearty Congratulations. May your farm become bountiful and give you all happiness in life. Is it situated within or on the edge of a village? There are houses around. You have taken a wise decision my friend.

You are lucky to live your dream. My time has not come yet. But I am at it.

Best wishes

Hi  ashishsharma, its good to hear tat u have started ur work and congratulations for the same.Could u post some more fencing installation photos or videos it will b very useful to me

Dear Yugandhar  - Thnks. My farm is situated just when the village starts and there are some houses around. All the best to you…

Dear Sridhar - Will surely post some pics tomro as the last line of fencing is goin on.

Hi ashish,
congrats! I have just complete fencing a part of my farm … this is about 1/3 rd acre and a rectangularish plot. It cost me close to 52K. But then the village where my farm is located is 15km interior from the main/arterial town and is at a height. here is a pic …
Next I plan to cover the cement tank and build a small functional home where me or the caretaker can stay to take care of the farm. Also, have asked for cleaning of the contour trenches before the rains start, spread cowdung and plant new saplings.

Do keep us posted on what you do next, cheers and all the best!

Dear Devyani

congrats. awaiting next farming details …


Hearty Congratulations to Mr. sharma and Devyani for your Efforts in Starting Work for your Farms.For this Fencing I am suggesting you to Put a Cross Diamond wire also for Durability and for avoiding entering of Animals and Men.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Hi Ashish,

Congratulations! I am also in the same boat.  My farm land has not been under cultivation for almost 40 years. So lot of infra development from scratch; approach road, electricity, borewell, fence, you name it.

When you build a staff room build a small room for yourself (& family) to stay on the farm. As an extension build a small shed for all your farm supplies and tools. Also design the staff room as if it would be used by you. A happy care taker makes happy farm.

I assume you would be covering the well with  mesh (something like 2"x2" welded 10 gauge wire mesh).  It is a good idea.

Down the road consider installing drip to save water and electricity.

What do you plan to grow?

Good luck.

Satara, Maharashtra

Congratulations Ashish!

I too got into farming just recently and currently cultivating coconut and some green fodder (for the cattles). My land is near KR Pet.

Can you pl. share:
What crops are present currently?
What kind of irrigation method have you implemented?
What are your immediate plans (ex:-intercrops, fertilizer etc…)?

We should probably sync up to share the experiences, lessons learned etc…


Just curious…what plants are in picture three (in the background)?


Congratulations Ashish and Devyani. Good luck to both of you.

Devyani - your farm looks adjacent to a hill, you should be getting good water run off from the hill to your farm. I also see  rocks in the picture which you could leverage for your rain water harvesting structures at no cost. In addition to CCT also look at deep pits to collect rain water and run off.

Deep pits with minimal surface area would allow you to collect lot of water while minimizing evaporation losses. In addition, heaping the excavated soil as a mound could actually result in gaining surface area than lost by digging pit when you compare the surface areas.


Dear All,
Thanks for the wishes. This pic is of today the final day of fencing…
Now there are coconut in the field. I am planning for vegeble garden to start.
Next work of tractor starts as to plough the field.
Will post the pic soon as on when thework goes on and will keep you posted about what i am planting soon.


Dear QJ -  As you said i am buildin a room for labour family next week… Will make it little nicer as they have to stay there n work.
Definitely soon i shall go for drip for the farm.
As of now i am stating with veg garden and later exotic vegetables.
Will keep you posted on the development.


If you plan to grow vegetables have a place to sort, pack, bundle and temporarily store/hold the produce before it is sent to market. In Maharashtra there is (or used to be) subsidy for building such a packaging house.

If your farm is near a large metro give a thought to marketing the produce (or at least part of it) yourself.

Good luck.