Why we need to use/ promote /suggest GSM Based Mobile motor controller (Agromate) to Farmers

A Farmer

The backbone of the nation

We need a farmer 3 times a day, everyday

A nation where the farmer is in a miserable state today is on the path to starvation tomorrow.

The farmer must be protected and properly guided.

Save the Farmer

Innumerable farmers have died during different phases of irrigation while trying to turn on/off the motors for water supply to the fields. The deaths have been due to sudden electric shocks while trying to operate the motors and also due to deadly snake bites and scorpion stings.

In an attempt to protect the farmers and make irrigation safer and easier, NGE Agromate Private Limited has come up with a one of a kind and unique product, Agromate Plus . With the Agromate Plus which is a mobile motor controller, the motor pump operation is just a phone call away. Within the comfort of their own home or from anywhere, the farmer can just give a missed call from their mobile phones to turn the motors ON/OFF. That’s all! Agromate Plus does the work by responding to the missed call and controls the motor pump set. It also sends an SMS back to the user about the status of the motor. Avoid dangerous trips to the motor pump by using the user-friendly Agromate Plus and save your life!

Protect the Environment

Water is the driving force of all nature. 70% of fresh water is used for irrigation but thousands of litres of water get wasted everyday due to improper irrigation practices, lack of proper supervision and timely action. As the water table of the earth is rapidly decreasing and will be close to depletion in the next couple of decades, there is an urgent need to save water and control wastage of water. Join us in an effort to save water by using Agromate Plus. It is an easy-to-use mobile motor pump controller which turns the motor ON/OFF immediately, thereby reducing the wastage of water and time-consuming trips to the fields.

Conserve Energy

High consumption of electricity during irrigation, by leaving the motors on for many hours, will lead to increased energy costs in the form of high fuel and energy bills. This can also reduce the lifespan of the motors by overusing them and they may have to be replaced more frequently. It can also further impact the environment by generating more waste to dispose. With a view to protect the farmers, conserve their time, water, electricity and also protect the environment, Agromate Plus has been developed and provides a solution to controlling high energy consumption during irrigation by turning the motor pump off immediately with just a missed call. The farmers also don’t need to waste their hard-earned money on high electricity bills.

Based on these 3 basic principles and in an attempt to protect the farmers and make irrigation safer and easier, NGE Agromate Private Limited has come up with this one of a kind and unique product, Agromate Plus which is not just a mobile motor controller, but also a water saver, power saver and most importantly a life saver.
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