Why Does Grain Peeling Machine Need Low Cost?

Why does GRAIN PEELING MACHINE need lower cost than other grain processing equipments ?

There are many steps of processing raw grains, in which the grain peeling machine processing is much important one. Whether the grain peeling machine processing is excellent or not, will have a very significant impact on the corn grits quality.

However, many people still do not know the purpose of grain peeling machine processing. Next, the editor of Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will explain to everyone in detail that what the specific purposes of grain peeling machine processing are.

Grain peeling machine processing is to peel off the surface cortex of corn, which is the basic step of ensuring the grain peeling machine processing quality and germ extraction. The corn germ and corn endosperm are wrapped by the germ layers. After peeling the germ layers, it is more easy to separate embryo and endosperm, the degerming efficiency of grain processing equipment can be improved; to remove most of the grain kernel cortex off, can make grain grits product without sticky skin, grain peeling machine processing product quality to be improved, grinding after peeling will help to improve the purity of the product.