Whirlston Mobile Food Cart

If you are dreaming of owning your own mobile food trailer,truck,cart or even a “kitchen ;
If you are gonna run your own food-on-wheel business and have creative ideas on this upcoming fat job;
Whirlston mobile food vending machinery is just what you need to start your concession mobile kitchen business because our one-stop service can not only offer you bespoke food vendors at competitive price but also considerate cart planing service. We are one of China famed mobile dining suppliers and welcomed by our great food cart quality and superior follow-up service in place.

What we can guarantee

State-of-art quality
Food grade stainless steel materials and fixtures are adopted for concession mobile food machine construction. We utilize first-class fabrication crafts which has already proved to be dependable, effective and profitable to your later food service business.You can completely have trust on our mobile food vehicles quality and hygiene standards.
Novel design and broad selection
In order to make our dining cart eye-catching, we take a brave stride on color and structure design as well as ensuring convenient operation. Tell us what your dreamed style, then we will make it. (Then released our new mini type food truck)
We offer abundant inventory of mobile food vending equipment in pushcart trolly,catering trailer and mobile vending truck. Various options for different dining vehicle size and food items choice.
Wide availability
Our concession mobile food kitchen is popular among community, street corner,office building, general public,campus,schools,playgrounds as well as some leading fast food franchises. It serves folks of all ages no matter they hurry to work or are leisure for a snack to kill time.
Superior food vending business support
We are capable to provide customers valuable services for their concession food vehicle industry including how to carry out food cart, how to focus on the consumers,where is your dining industry heading to:a traditional food supplier or a BBQ concession trailer,etc.
Timely shipment and considerate service
We are located in the transportation junction of China which ensures our products delivery and shipment on time. Our technicians will figure out any of your problems at any time.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact me.info@food-cart.net.

We product list
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Street Coffee Trike
Pedicab Rickshaw Trike
Custom Vending Tricycle
Hand Push Type Mobile Food Cart
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