Which One is better? Hydroponics or Soil cultivation?

In Gujarat which one is the better option for growing Vegetables? Go through Hydroponics? Or traditional cultivation? Which one is profitable? Please share your experience and give new ideas.

umm… this is more crop specific…
is this discussion limited to a certain crop or open for all crops?

i say cotton is best grown in soil :slight_smile:

:smiley: ;D But natural. I am talking about only vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, ladyfinger, capsicum…dot…dot…dot…

Vegetables -
Capsicum - Soil
Tomatoes - Soil
Cucumber - Cocopeat
Brocolli - Cocopeat
Lettuce iceberg - Cocopeat

Flowers -
Carnations - Soil
Tulips - cocopeat

i think cocopeat is best, as its a neutral media. so one can plan the exact quantity for fertigation. but then there are other issues like maintaining ph, and proper monitoring of the nutrients.

but then soil can support various helpful cultures.

so its more dependent on your practises, and the resources (money)


I think the basic premises need clarified first:

[li]In what conditions is a specific method to be chosen and why?[/li]
[li]What is the role of the media - soil or otherwise - to the plant: support, nutrients, microbes(?), aeration, impact on pests & diseases? [/li][/ul]

Aquaponics is definitely the future way of farming.  Grow fish and plants together in a closed-loop environment.

hi viks  and chandra    good evening
have a doubt … cocopeat will it not help in the growth of beneficial microbes? pl explain

Evening Mr.Ak,

there are different cultures for coco-peat, just like for soil. similar functions, but my limited knowledge says that soil supports a whole longer list of helpful microbes vs cocopeat.

Hello NARDC,

I don’t completely believe Aquaponics is definitely the future. What if some thing comes up tomorrow, where you can grow things from thin air. As every one knows there is lot of nitrogen in the air, but plants cannot get it. So if some one devices a way to fix nitrogen for plants directly from the air and other trace nutrients embedded to the seed like the GMO which have pest resistance organisms. You never know what’s in future.

no matter what people develop, there is no comparison for things grown in humus rich soil.

Hello Anoop,

I agree your point that things grown in humus rich soil has a definitive advantage over hydroponics  But in Aquaponics we do use soil and earthworms in our wicking beds.

Aeropoinics is already there using Aquaponics principles to grow tubers such as potato, beets and carrots.

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).  Consider looking at the other benefits which you do not find in Hydroponics and/or soil based farming.

Two crops from one input.  You feed fish.
No effluent (negligible environmental impact).
Productivity six times higher than soil agriculture.
Soil-borne pests, diseases, and weeds are eliminated.
No need for massive pesticide use
No need for chemical fertilizers… call it 100% organic produce.
Ability to exert greater control over plants ensuring uniform results
Much less water is required than for conventional crop production in the soil… only 5% water needed.
Lower labour requirements… one or two part-time persons can maintain a one acre farm.
Large plant populations could be grown in very small limited areas.
Accelerated growth
Food crops mature more rapidly and produce greater yields
Quality of most vegetables is better than those of soil-grown vegetables are.
Produce grown aquaponically is found to have a much longer shelf life as well as better keeping qualities.
Areas with little rainfall, poor, or no soil and difficult access were found ideal for aquaponics culture.
New employment opportunities.

Investment in Aquaponic farming is an investment in the future.  I always say this to our farmers.  Cheers!

NARDC, Nanniode

also i am wondering, is it possible to grow all type of fruits, flowers and vegetables in aquaponics ?
is there any grower who is following these practises ?
if possible, can you please post some pictures so we can get an idea?


ok i read shelf life, and something came to my mind… rather silly, but cracks me up!

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