Which is the best crop to show in November (90 day's crop)

Hi everyone
Can any one suggest me which is the best crop to cultivate (show) in November that should be harvested in January (90 day’s crop) in sandy soil which crop will best
Thank you
Balakrishna chalasani

There is big range of winter crops. every crop has its own advantages and disadvantages. measuring from same yard stick to find out which is best may not be appropriate.

The climates differ from taluk to taluk. check in your locality what all can be grown.  if your luck is good you can make 2-5laks just from cabbage, if you have a bad luck cabbage is good to plough and mix with soil(harvesting is also a cost burden).

Watermelon is fairly doing good(getting good price) in recent years.

Hi Sri,

I am new to this Forum and have been reading useful tips and guidance you have been providing to everyone.
Just would like to know if you have any idea on the cultivation of Toor Dal. I have recently purchased a land 1.24 acre, no irrigation yet, depending on Rains for the next 10 months.
So trying to evaluate what can be done in this period.