Which is more important? Saving Farmers? or Cross-posting free forum?

Which is more important?

        Saving Farmers?


Cross-posting free forum?

Hi, please explain what you mean by this… thanks.

Thank you Sir for your feedback.

Kindly let me provide you some related information before answering your question.

I have few more questions which I shall discuss later.Let me explain you a case.

Let’s consider, a farm enthusiast likes to fund a farm for his requirement of agri produce. The agri produce is already available with another person and so marketing of the agri produce is done on first to know, first come first serve basis.
In this case, the intention to fund a farm is unceremoniously put to end by a mere marketing call.

What must be the role of the forum  here?
What must be the voluntary role of the moderator here?

To my view, this forum presents a picture where only tech savvy passionate farmers look for orders to market their produce and the regular farmers have no knowledge of this forum and no access to the information in this forum.
I am of the view that the passionate farmer must strive to become a regular farmer by forming a community of available farmers in a location and share their knowledge, value add and market their produce together.This shall benefit all the farmers of the community in that location.

I look forward to many such success stories in your forum in future through the inputs of this forum.

I feel the decorum of the forum is important but the purpose of the forum is more important.

By asking such a question, I desired to know answers to these indirect questions.

a) whether this forum is beneficial to regular farmers?
if so to what extent?

b) does any produce of any regular farmer was marketed through this forum with information including name, produce and contact address of the regular farmer?

I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks and Regards,


I should admit I did not understand much of what you have written.

Regardless, this forum is not a replacement for any market and is not even a market for that matter. This is more for sharing of information and advice.
We were going to move your other topic inviting business proposals, where you were only seeking farmers to reach you while maintaining additional information is trade secret. Such posts belong to the ads section and not the forum.

Buying and selling is possible on the Ads section in a small way.

Please read FarmNest.com Rules - please read before posting

Thank you Sir for your feedback.

I welcome questions for better understanding.

Kindly let me clarify that I  never mentioned anywhere that I was seeking only farmers to reach me.

It is true that I cannot disclose my trade information.

I do agree that business proposals belongs to ads column.

Thanks and Regards,

Here’s my 2 cents:

Tech savy or regular farmers, the fundamental equation remains the same. You grow get yield dispose produce earn profit.

How do you do this? Differs with every farmer.

Not all “tech savy farmers” follow the same pattern neither do “regular farmers”.

Its more case specific.

Coming to your question regarding role of the mods & purpose of forum, forum brings us all together, share experiences & knowledge.
Our group has both tech savy and regular farmers, who am sure have contributed/benefited in one way or the other. And mods here do a fabulous job of maintaining the decorum.

Your questioning over the very basic reason on the vision of the blog, is IMO completely uncalled for.

Rather than probing, is the forum helping, why wouldnt you take time and read every blog post thats there from the very beginning of this blog.

Requesting contacts etc to share their leaning curve is humility and the request has to be humble.

Hope you get what you are set out for!


Saravana Kumar

Thank you Sir for your feedback.

I agree with you.

Today, I had spend sometime reading all my words again, as a third person.
The words kindly, request were missing in many places.As you said, the humility factor was absent.

Thanks for your suggestions.