Which FarmNest do you like - this or the old one?

  • This new site is good.
  • I still miss the old FarmNest.

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Several years after we moved to this new forum, we still have comments now that the old FarmNest Forum was easier and that we should move back to that model.
Please tell us what is your opinion - new or old?

If you want to refresh your memory on how the old one looked, visit: https://farmnest.com/forum/

Old was gold

Interesting, tell us more.

Were you a member on the old forum too?


I am new to this forum. Thanks for providing link to old format.
I like the old format. I can scan through the topics easily.

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I am not a member in old forum, I found and got registered in new forum itself.

The old forum is classic, many people would have got used to it.

In this new forum, its better if the topic are divided by categories. I noticed, only 3 categories are there now.

The new forum is modern, easy to load in mobile and little fast. Notifications are working properly.

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old is very nice for me. every matter is available on the front page. i love it. This is also good, but, may not be for lesser computer knowledge members.
g.p.rao, farmer

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True. I agree with this.