What should be the rest/cooling time after paddy harvesting

Hi ,

What’s the recommended idle time for the nursery starting on a land , where paddy was harvested.

Is it good to till and leave it for some time before we start any activity for next crop?

Pls share your thoughts.


The  rest/cooling time after paddy harvesting,we can utilise the soil condition by broadcasting pulses seed like mung,biri 7 days prior cutting rice so that soon after rice harvest u have a second crop without much expenditure,secondly second crop of sunflower 90 days can be grown provided fencing is reqd as if ur neighbour farmer if not involved than cattle etc will damage.


Thanks Anup,

near our farm, people plant two crops of Paddy in a season following the roughly below schedule.
And after 2 such cycles they change to Sugar cane cultivation

Season 1
1).July 1st week nursery preperation
2). August 2nd week (transplantation)
3). November last week( harvesting)

1).Dec 2nd week nursery preperation
2).Jan 3rd week (transplantation)
3). April End ( Harvesting

My question was for the period between season 1 and Season 2

At the end of Season 2 , Yes I was planning to put some legume crop for the field in similar lines that you mentioned.

I am  wondering , what can be done in between the short gap between the aboe mentioned two seasons to help the soil.

Note: At this point I am an absent farmer, and heavily dependent on my family members who were conversant with the chemical farming methods.