What is the market price of Casuarina Tree(Savukku Maram)

Growing trees along with crops are known as Agroforestry !
Agroforestry is derived from ecology and is one of the three principle land-use science., other two are agriculture and forestry .
Agroforestry systems having several variations viz. forest farms silvopastures , intercropped fields etc .
Agroforestry is for environmental security !
Agroforestry can adopt to harsh climatic events is greater than agriculture because it is playing an important role in ecosystem services by preventing land degradation , coping with various vagaries of climate .
Agroforestry contributes to soil based ecosystem , above ground and below ground organic inputs that provide food and nutrients needed for soil organisms involved in carbon transformation and nutrient cycling .
Agroforestry system captures water resources from the deep soil layers beyond the reach of crops . Crop roots in drier surface soil may benefit hydraulic lift of water by trees .
Agroforestry trees litter on soil surface and increases the activity of soil biota and reduces exposure of the soil . This can improves water infiltration into the soil and reduces surface runoff .

Agroforestry trees helps to reduce evaporative demand of crops per unit of photosynthesis by lowering windspeed and higher humidity under trees partially compensates increase water use .
Agroforestry trees act as a safety net by capturing leached from topsoil .
Agroforestry trees also reduce specific diversity of weed stand and lead to a change in biomass distribution between weed species .

All I can say man made commercial plant species forest or plantation in the crop land for high monetary gain is a wrong methodology and a well designed scam !
It’s perfect for waste and barren land !

Though agroforestry contributes to an increase in income with different components

However agriculture is all about learning through trial and error
I think you have learnt a great lesson !

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Thank you for a clear articulation
R Chandramouli

Hi Chakkaravarthy,

We have casuarina trees in around 10 acres. It’s totaly around 250 tons approximately. I have plan to sale. I need whole sale buyer. Kindly need your help.

Many Thanks,

Hi Selvamani,

We have casuarina trees in around 10 acres. It’s totaly around 250 tons approximately. I have plan to sale. I need whole sale buyer. Kindly need your help.

Get the details of all market prices here Agriculture market prices

I have 7 Acres of Casuarina Tree(Savukku) at Tindivanam , Villupuram Dist,It’s 5 years old.I would like to sell now,May i know the market price per hectare/ton.


please take the photo and send it my whatsup number +91 9952441310

I have 4 acres of 4.6 years old casurina tree near Chennai minjur.i like to sell it for whole sale buyer …what is the market price per ton near Chennai.

hi ganeshcena , send your details to my whats app number … +918056525498

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Hi there
Since you have Agroforestry in so many words which i like the most , since you have explained Agroforestry ,
Is it possible to explain AGRI TOURISM which is quite famous in various state ,
Need to know deeper knowledge of the same , as i am based in Indore MP , would like to have more about it as i have so many inquiries for the same. My contact number is 9754052961 ( WA) KUMAR KHANDEKAR

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Hi All,

This is Sriram from Thanjavur district. We have 4 acres of Savukkai tree and its 5years old now. So far we have given them directly into dealers and they take care of harvesting and transport. They usually quote 2800 rs per ton.

Can any one please suggest tree cutting,peeling and transport to TNPL karur by ourself will be the good idea or without any worry given to dealers and get 2800 rs is a good idea?

Your suggestions are welcomed, Thanks.

I have four hectares of Casuarina Tree(Savukku) in Thindivanam ,Tamil nadu and its around four years old.I would like to sell now,May i know the market price per hectare/ton.



Meet too have casuarina tree savukku Mara. Please let me know the person who can purchase from me. I have two acres. My phone number 9538000457

Hi All,

Does anyone recently harvested Casuarina? If yes please let me know What is the current market price for 1 Acre of Casuarina tree? I have around 12 acres of Casuarina tree in Pondicherry. Any interested buyer’s please contact me.


We buy casuarina (சவுக்கு) fully and well grown well maintained 4 years old trees at Rs 75,000 per acre. For further details pl call 9345633892

Rs 18750/acre/year !!!
Rs1500/acre/month !!!

We donot know whom we have to blame - Traders/People /Consumer who rely on such substances

dear yuvaraj, I am a fellow chennaiite (engineering background) and would like to visit your farm to learn about casuarina plantation. Please let know if that is agreeable to you.

Hi sir
We have also around 5 acre Casuarina (around 150 ton) tree near Tindivanam. Can you please give me the current market price.