Weeds remover machinery

Hi All,

I have a big land with 50.000 banana tree and 30.000 longan tree !
between the trees have many weeds ! i want to remove them effective, who can give me idea which machinery is nice for a dry and with many small stones Land,

i got many offer but im not sure which kind a machinery is good for this job
Who can help me ??

thanks all

There are lot of options for machinary. If the land is stoney it is better to go for brush cutter with wheels.
Why dont you think of growing cover crops like velvetbean,cowpea,white clover etc? these will add nutrients and you can save fuel, also eco friendly solution.

Can someone give me the telugu names for Velvet Bean, Cowpea, white clover etc. I plan to have them in my mango orchard which is full of grass.



velvetbean - Duradagondi(దురదగొండి) in Telugu

but this has very heavy itching then how we can use in our farms. ??? am confused.

, it is shade tolerant, so is compatible as an intercrop with maize, millet, sorghum, sugarcane, and cotton.

White clover : is a species of clover native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia

can we get more informations on what best intercrop for mulching /to avoid veeds can be used in Indian cliamate/use