Farmers are concerned about the most, is the growth of plants,however crop growth is not easy, In addition to the harm of pests and weeds harm plus some natural disasters are the representatives of the “life bumpy”. Weeds what harm, Weeds will not only for nutrition and spoiled crops, and a series of survival is some necessities pest send to live, so to crops’ harm is quite large, so farmers is quite hate the weed, corresponding they will take some action to stop these weeds such as using herbicide, Usually used have urea herbicides, These herbicides can control such as such as were, chenopodiaceae, precocious hetian, watching wheat niang etc some weeds absolutely do extermination effect;

Weeds are not that bad…they provide lot of mulching material which will improve fertility of the soil. Also weeds emerge when we make the soil exposed and organic content is less in soil. Please read one straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka and a different perspective can be seen

[font=courier][size=100]Definition of weeds as per the dictionary

[font=times new roman][size=100][i]Weed – a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

[font=courier][size=100]So, whether a plant is a weed or crop is decided purely by human want!Unfortunatley for human beings, Mother Nature doesn’t share their selfish view, she treats all plants equal and gives them all equal opportunities to grow. Just because one plant is of value to us, we grow it or rather monocrop it, and call the rest weeds! Suppose these weeds in the garden have some newfound commercial value and importance and say they were to become 10 times more valuable than the original crop, then the original crop becomes the weed and the original weed the crop!

Weeds are friends of the soil. They protect the soil from exposure to sun. Without green cover soils get baked and deplete of micro-organisms.They also protect the soil from rain, wind and prevent any form of soil-erosion.

Do agree that crops that fetch value have to be cultivated and protected, but that does not mean weeds have to be banished. Control weeds, that too, only the ones that physically hinder crop growth or farming operations. Interference on weeds has to be bare minimum and that too only when absolutely essential. Going all out to destroy weeds will result only in waste of time, energy and money. They will come back stronger. Fighting weeds is fighting nature, or[size=120][size=140][size=120][/size][/size][/size] fighting a battle that you’ll never win. The most practical approach would be to go easy on them and treat them friends! If you find this difficult to accept, and still think of weeds as enemy, then let me give you another approach. What would be the sensible thing to do with a capable enemy’s store and arsenal that is better than yours? It would be smarter to get hold of them and make them yours than destroy them. Weeds have stored energy and nutrients, when weeds are seen to be excess make use of their energy – use them to mulch your soil, use them to feed your cattle and return the energy/dung to the soil.[/size][/font]