We have proposed a farming site on Stack Exchange

Good day.

Some of you might be familiar with Stack Exchange. For those who don’t, let me give a short introduction about it. It is a network of question and answer site. It has about 200 sites, the most popular being Stack Overflow, which is a site for programmers. Stack Exchange allows its users to create new sites. But before doing so, it must be proposed, it must have sufficient followers, and have some example questions. Then it is allowed to be a full fledged site.

Some of us in Stack exchange have decided to propose a farming, animal husbandary site. Please consider it as an invitation. It’s not meant to spam your site or replace it. Many here would be able to answer questions there or ask. I have been involved in farming myself and believe there are no end to genuinely intriguing questions.

So, I would request the members here to follow the proposal, so that it may be turned into a full question and answer community.

What you need to do is go to area51.stackexchange.com and follow the farming proposal. It’s on top of the list. Here is the direct link for your convenience.

I would like to mention, I don’t earn anything from sharing it. You may follow the link or navigate through the path i.e Stack exchange -> Area 51 -> Farming Proposal. Its upto you. My goal is to have a good community for farmers so that we may all learn from each other and would hopefully make the world a better place.

Hope to see you all there.