We do Solar fencing for farm or land

We do solar fencing for farm land or other land 5 line geo wire solar panels battery panel board etc
1 Acer 70 thousand and extra each Acer 20 thousand and more land is there the price is negotiable for more details contact 9742009180
Like the name implies, a solar electric fence charger will conserve energy. Solar powered electric fence are used to maintain livestock, keep animals from wandering, and helps keep wildlife out of gardens. The advantage of solar electric is that the fencing requires no grid connection.image

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Dear Sit,
Please let me have your E mail address, I wish to
communicate with regard to Solar fencing subject,
in Sri Lanka, for small farmers/land owners.
E mail - organic_plannet@yahoo.com
Mobil 0771502399 Land phone 09522112937208

Regards Naheer Taip (Sri Lanka)


I need for solar fencing for one and half acres. It is 100 KM from hyderabad. Need details.
My mobile.9490952240.