Watershed management video

Dear friends
I have initiated rain water harvesting in my farm by digging a pond of size 100’ x 80’ x 5’. Also five or six round pits at different locations in order to improve ground water table such that the existing open wells ( 2nos) can support in the worst case. In this connection, I have come across one video message which I am linking below. All of you must watch it.
R Vasudevan

Follow this link
youtube.com/watch?v=9hmkgn0n … re=related

“fourth consecutive summer crop in a village with just 400mm annual rainfall” - amazing.
Thanks for sharing

Hey there,

kudos for implementing water harvesting!

i am also trying to implement rainwater harvesting in my land. Are you aware of anyone/any agency who can help me do so? my land is near lonavala in maharashtra.

also what expenses have you incurred to build the pond and the pits.


Absolutely inspirational. The power of collective thought and effort can clearly work wonders.



You could try implementing Kedia Farm Pattern (KFP).

More here:


wow what a great vedio, i am usually not a fan of you tube vedio’s but thanks vasudevan.
subject matter is great and also the quality of vedio wonderful, all must watch to get inspiration.
I am downloading and showing it in my school for 7-10 class, as past of their school gardening. Will try to see if we can make a small size replica using all the priciple stated there.

Hello Vasudevan,

Excellent inspirational video.  Fruits of collective action can be seen and needs to be emulated.

Thanks for sharing.