Watermelon cultivation


I would like to cultivate Watermelon…Below are my queries…Appreciate your responses.

I have around 10 acres of land and currently cultivated black gram and got good yield.

Soil type is - Loam - red color - dry land

Irrigation - I have a bore well with good amount of water. Requested for drip irrigation from govt. still waiting.

  • Is it OK if i can sow the seeds from Feb 1st 2014. Will there be a problem as the harvesting time is around April mid because of high temp??

  • How much yield can i expect for acre?

  • What are the prices per tonn in April (an average) ?

  • Any precautions ??

Thank you…


Check already discussed topics, it has all information that you need.
I think if you search for watermelon on this website, you will find everything you need.