Water management advice needed

We have a 9 acre farm near Mokila, Hyderabad. We have mosambi and mango plantations. There is not enough water in the borewells. We need advice about how to manage the amount of water we have and maintain the plants. We also have drip irrigation installed but we are not sure if this working efficiently. Any suggestions are welcome.

Water holding capacity of the soil is considered as 170 mm for every 100cm depth of the soil and the permanent wilting point as 1/3 of WHC at its field capacity. Therefore, it is estimated that only 115.5 mm of water would be available for every 100 cm depth of the soil for the plant.
Among all the varieties the highest Actual water used by the varieties Alphonso, Mallika and Arka Anmol recorded the highest i.e. 32-35 mm per week and weekly water storage 120-140 mm per plant .
Spread dry biomass mulch ( grass , leaves , straw etc. ) under each tree approx 5 kg / sq mt / year . It will improve soil health, increased water and nutrient holding capacity, and helped you achieve high and consistent yield.

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Good that you have installed Drip Irrigation. This will reduce your water requirement at least by half.

Would like to know what other steps have been taken? Like below:-

  1. Mulching in your farm (Live Mulching, Straw Mulching etc)
  2. Water Harvesting methods like Bund Trenches, Trenches in between the lines of Mango trees or any other crop.
  3. Whether the rainwater is going outside of the farm during the heavy rains or does it completely go into the soil. Is there any steps taken in this regard?
  4. Has anything been done to recharge the borewell by rainwater harvesting?
  5. Do you have any area available for creating a pond so that rain water can be stored and be utilized during the difficult summer seasons?

Come back on these and you may get better answers.


view triple it professor programme in you tube cultivating pomogranate mosambitrees

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