Water level controller


We are looking for Water level controller.

Here is our requirement -

  • 8 lakh liter water tank, source is 1 open well
  • Distance between source and tank is nearly 350 meters
  • Open well is 25 feet deep
  • We need water level controller for source(open well) and the Water tank.

Please advice any product that will work best for our requirement.

-Ganapathi Bhat

Thank you Sir,

Water Level Controllers are not working well . If you want water level alerts i.e. water level Alarms are better which will work well. This water level Indicators you can get at your place. If not , if you want we will supply at Rs.500/- each (Battery Operated)+ shipping. If you want pl. contact 9133498366 or Mail to vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com