Water in Borewell

Hi All

  We have Bore of 250Ft for which we are using 5HP Submersible Pump. When we switch on the Motor, we get water with full pressure for 15mins. Later slowly, water pressure would be reduced to very low.

Can any one pls suggest what can be done.


Thank you Bhayya,
It is Natural Phenomena . You need not worry about it.When ever you are starting the Pumpset it is Drawing stagnated water in the Borewell. When the Stagnated water has been exhausted, what ever the discharged water is avilable it  is coming.Because of the severe drought conditions prevailing in the County the Water water tables were gone below and hence this situation is occurring. You are lucky at least you are getting some water out of it.Now you have to use the avilable water Judiciously by using Drip Irrigation, mulching the soil  etc. to get more land Irrigated with the avilable water.All the Best to continue  the water for ever.
for vasudha Green Farms, Hyderabad Telangana,

Dear bvnchary sir, your bore well is pumping the stored water, in the bore well, along with the real yield water  initially, and after certain time, it is pumping the yield water only from available sources . Actually, it means that, your borewell is having lesser water yield,  ie,low yield.

Hope the best to you,  g.p.rao,  farmer