Warehouse - land requirement, investment and profitability

Could anyone provide a brief overview of setting up a warehouse for grains / pules etc.

What is the land requirement, investment needed, subsidy available and how much profit can be expected?

What are the factors that determine success of a warehouse facility?

Also, what capacity warehouse can be set up on about 1 acre of land?


Are you talking about cold storage?

No, I’m referring to mainly storage of grains and pules but also oil, spices etc. Definitely not vegetables & fruits which require cold storage.

Refer to this article that talks about govt’s establishment of Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA) which aids farmers by issuing receipts of foodstuff stored. The warehouse notes the quality of the produce and stores it likewise. The receipt issued to the farmer can then be used to get loan against 70-80% of the value and they can be traded at a later date (when price is right) with buyers in another state eliminating transportation and middlemen.