Wanted Animal waste Dung and agricultural waste

Hello All,
We bunch of youngsters planning on starting a biogas plant near hosur. We are in research phase to start our project. Are there suppliers or agriculture and cattle farms around hosur who can sell there animal waste or agricultural waste??? Thanks for your help.

Good to know your idea, getting animal waste may subject to availability, even though it may available, but it will be little quantity. However their is huge waste in different kind is i.e. Greens, plastic, vegetables and other farms available in urban areas. Why can,t concentrate such raw materials for your project?
Any how, have success in your try.


If you can transport from Vellore, please contact me (sdfarmsvellore [at] gmail [dot] com). There is a big Ghosala here, which can support to your need. Earlier they were giving for about 6000 INR / tipper lorry.

Even you can get composed dung or fresh dung. All the best.

Hey thanks ya we are doing to do that in near future but for getting some hands if experience we are trying this out