Want to start vegetable farming - advise on setup

I want to start vegetable farming , i have visited one site attaching here with some pics of there. Please suggest me that will it be right to start with this type of set up initially

Hey Kunal,
firstly, sorry for the delays from my side, and thanks a lot for posting pictures of the setup you have seen.
now finally we all can see the pictures.

the setup is very nice. Kunal, if you can tell the crop you are planning, it would be easier.

i think the centre pillar height is about 8-9 feet. and has demotion of about 1-2 feet towards the side.
i love the setup, but if talking about climbers (specially capsicum) that height would be low.
but contrary, if you are planning for say, rose, then its pretty neat.

the structure is made from 1-1.5 inch pipes (support pillars) i think, and then adjoining pipes on the top again to give it strength and good stability.
Kunal, you can also consider shadenet house. will post pictures as and when i can.

always remember, the main purpose of all these structures (the one you have posted, and the shadenet i am talking about) is to minimize the making cost, give shade to the plants (a certain protected environment) and give strength to the setup (to protect from strong winds, give more life  etc)


Nothing to sorry sir,

What we call this type of setup green house or shade net

Hey Kunal,

well… green house & polyhouse, i find very confusing. but i think they are the same.
UV blocking / plastic sheet is used for both. maybe different structures, or different term for the same setup.

the picture you have posted is a shadenet, as there is no UV / plastic sheet on it. but the structure (pipes and supporting pipes) are a bit similar to a polyhouse/greenhouse.

this structure is a custom made design, low cost and practical.  some crops which are grown in polyhouses can also be grown in similar setups.


Hey Kunal,
attaching some pictures of shadenet houses near by my farm.

these are very basic, and low cost. u know like “make your own shadenet”

i am in love with such setups. let me know if you want to know about anything that you see in the pictures.


Thanks Sir for posting pictures

i think in first picture it is same type of structure that i have posted but its in construction stage .

in second picture i am having some doubts
is it covered only from top , not surrondings
what type of net it is
for what crops it will be suitable


the picture of the setup you have posted has hollow iron pipes for connecting the pillars, is very strong and much more stable than the picture of the setups i have posted.

both the setups i have posted have 22 guage wire which is pulled on the foundation pipes and then shadenet is pulled over them.

the first picture, the structure is ready, only the sheet needs to be pulled and stitched.

second picture is of a similar setup, lower cost (compared to first). both setups have shadenet protection on top and sides.

various options are available for the net. normal shadenet (50%/60% light etc) were being used earlier, now there are more complex insect nets which are much more better.

experienced grower can grow any crop in such setups. now plz dont consider all crops mean all. normal vegetables/flowers i am talking about. tamatoes, ladyfingure, rose, brocolli, lettuce, gerbera, capsicum (red,yellow,green) baby corn, the list is huge.

but not crops which are extra sensitive, tulips etc. i have even seen carnations been grown in shadenet.
so the conditions in your farm also play a important factor, plus the knowledge and the work one is willing to do.