Want to start farming from June. Need help and guidelines

Hi members,

I am extremely new to this and joined this forum as I will be starting in farming from the next month. I have given one month to prepare for all the things before diving into full scale.

I am from Raebareily area in Uttar Pradesh and the almost 95% of the farmers only grow wheat and paddy and there are only 2 crops in an year.
Irrigation facility is good as there is canal going through the village and there is also ample rain.  Most of my farms are besides the canal.

We have about 4.5 hectares of land but most of the land is divided and is about 0.5-0.7 hectares and 1 chak is about 1.2 hectares where I want to start experimenting with as it’s mostly given to other farmers on lease.

I am looking for cash crops and vegertables. There is not much issue of money as I earn enough from my side job and labour is also available in the village.

The advice I am looking for is where to start and explore. What would you do if you are given this piece of land and how to move forward?

I can explore and look more but I need to find where and what to look.

Thanks for this community.

Try to understand the reason why your village adapts only paddy and wheat, there must be a reason for it. either the climatic conditions or the pests or soil or easy buyers or any others.

My personal recommendation is first get into the flow and do something, then understand the art of it.

If you can try to consolidate the land into a single bit by exchanging.

Thanks khushizone for replying.

As far as I have talked to them in the past 2 weeks, most of them do this because that’s the way have been since ages. There is one farmer who started banana plantation but other than that it’s mostly wheat and paddy. I will try to talk to more of them and see what information comes from it.

Sowing the paddy is next, the process will start from 15 may and it will be done on the other lands with the guidance from the family there.

Thanks again for replying and let’s see how this goes.