Want to buy treadle pump in Hyderabad

Hello everybody.

I have two small ponds in my farm and I want to pump water from them to irrigate. I have seen pictures of treadle pump that is operated by legs (not by electricity).

Wondering where to buy treadle pump in Hyderabad?

The normal pump cost more money (3 phase) and treadle pump has benefit of no dependencies on power, good exercise of muscles etc.

HI Sheo

You can check out below



Three companies based out of Hyderabad that sell Treadle pumps:

Ind-tech Services
Balaji Industrial
Balaji Industrial and Agriculture Castings

The last two are probably the same but have separate listing.

Hi Rameshwari,

Pl watch the following video:-


You may also visit  www.RifeRam.com

Looks ideal for any open pond/stream.  Not sure whether this product is available in India.

T Shanmughan

This could be an easy DIY project using some kind of a float, a submersible pump attached underneath it and connected to the solar panel panel and a pipe.