Virus Problem in Ribbed Gourd

I my self and other Farmers Near Hyderabad are facing Virus problem.It is completely damaging the Crop.We are sustained to loss.
Kindly advise us as how to control the Virus in Ribbed Gourd .We are very Much thankful in sending Reply as early as Possible.

Also suggest us which verity is accustomed to virus in Ribbed Gourd.

Just go to a nearby fertilizer shop and ask for virus disease controller chemical you can get it. If you are an organic farmer then the work starts. You need 1 litre of well fermented buttermilk which is very diluted (100 ml of desi cow curd with 1lts of water kept for fermenting for 3 days). This 1lt is diluted in 9 lts of water and sprayed. Sprayed for 3 days.

Once infected virus can not be eliminated (Similar to AIDS and viral disease in human). If very early and few plants show mosaic or viral infection symptom carefully destroy the plant.
Generally insects spread the virus from plant to plant while sucking the sap (Hoopers and white flies etc). Spray any insecticide to kill the vector insets will help to control the spreadin of virus from plant to plant.
Remove the weeds and keep the field clean will prevent alternate host for the insect vectors.

Frequent application of botanical pesticides also control the host.

Camlin Fine Sciences is developing a product that can offer protection against virus (and even give good yields from infected plants). This is an internationally patented biomolecule and the product is under development. You may contact suren DOT adhikari AT camlinfs DOT com for further details, trial material, commercial material etc. You may mention my reference.


virus infected plants cant gain back on their health and condition.
there is NO MEDICINE which will repair the damage caused by virus.
u can only control it and stop it from spreading further.
the main carrier of virus is white flies (which attacks the new leaf) and also fungus in the soil. (attacks thru roots)

if you could send pictures it would be helpful.

There are mechanisms by which anti-viral effect can be obtained in plants.
E.g. 1. The mechanism by which the virus affected cells are killed, allows to grow the remaining plant in normal way. So the yield may be decreased, but certainly it is cost effective for the farmers. They don’t suffer 100% losses. Early treatment/ preventive dose is always more beneficial both techno-economically. International reference for this mechanism is:

E.g. 2. Priming mediated induced resistance mechanism has been shown in case of beans. The resistance mechanism is independent of ethylene and does not result into decrease in the yield. International reference for this mechanism is: … .012

E.g. 3. The anti-viral activity has been correlated with the structural aspects of the technical molecule in the product. International reference for this is:

Camlin Fine Sciences has developed multiple modifications of the structure of the technical molecule. These have been patented internationally. These are being tested for the field performance.

Greetings Dr.Abhay,
this is a pic of a virus infected capsicum plant. age is arround 20 days germination + 25 days after plantation.
you think this problem can be solved? if you have a remedy, i would love to conduct tests.



I can send you sample for the test.
Please let me know your total planted area.
Let us treat only 90% and keep 10% as control so that we can understand the effect of the spray.
Also I would like you to share your results on the discussion group, so that others can learn from our experiment.

Please give me your postal ID with mobile number so that I can courier the sample.

Best Regards


Greetings Dr. Abhay,
i would be glad to conduct tests and share the results with us all.

if you need further details so as to advise the best remedy, plz do ask.
the age of the plants is 35 days. and there are 16500 plants in total (area is 4350 sq mtr), out of which about 20-30 plants are infected with virus. i am doing my best to control it, and not let it spread. waiting for a few more days to show signs of improvement, or i am going to destroy them for good, which would be very painful and sad.

i am located in nasik and i am available on +91+9921665599.
plz do tell about your activities as well.


That is great, Dr. Abhay.

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In an age where everyone seems to be putting up a label to non-descript solutions, it is heartening to see you come forward to have your products made available for test on the forum.

And thanks Viks for volunteering.

Good luck.

thankyou for showing intrest in our problem Dr.Abhay.

will conduct the tests and follow the procedure under your guidance.

Thankyou again


Dear sir,
sir I have facing same problem in my field. My crop duration is 30 days old. have use crop raja of moti chemicals and C7 of growtech company chemicals but not get better control will you help me

You can use e very effective organic viricide V-BIND available with BigHaat.

Please message on 9822059080