Video of our recent solar water pumping system

Dear All,

Here is the link to the video of our recent solar water pumping system installation;

[glow=red,2,300]Project Capacity: 5Hp [/glow]
Type of pump: 5Hp 3phase V6 Borewell Submersible Pump
Total Area in acres: 8 acres
Type of Application: Flood irrigation
Location: Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu
Bore Depth: 280ft
Head: Vertical 260ft + Horizontal 100ft
Delivery: 2"
Peak Discharge: 300LPM
Avg Start Time: 7.15AM
Avg Stop Time: 5.45PM
Type of Panels: 5100Watts Monocrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed shed type
Area Occupied: 10’ * 35’[/glow]

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


thanks Sir,
now it has become an essential for farm activities with comming severe summer.

just to enquire , what wud be the cost to have this and also is it funded by any financial institute etc…


Rightly said Mr.Rajesh, especially when solar is cheaper & clean when compared to diesel.

Regarding the cost, the right way to put it across is,“depends on your specific requirement”

Probably if you can let me know precisely what is your requirement and also your email id, I shall be glad to share the techno commercial details of the solution.


Good Presentation & detailed explanations Mr.Saravana Kumar… We are looking for a 3 HP Solar Pump Unit for our 450 feet Bore well unit with Complete installation. Bore well to Point to Panel installation distance is approximately 80 feet as we want the panels close to our room & control box inside room ( due to remote location / . Panels can be partially installed on top of room but not entirely. Any idea how much will it cost? Our area of irrigation is around 3.5 acres. Do you suggest 3 HP or 5 HP? if so cost difference? Assume all panels on your erected structure for quote and if we can accommodate on existing we can see later. Proposed land location is near Mettupalayam ( Coimbatore Dist). Suggest the output pipe size for both 3 & 5 HP please.


Thank you for the feedback.

Based on your inputs, for your requirement we would suggest our 3phase solar low voltage 32 stage 40mm delivery 4hp model which @ head 147m yields peak discharge of 80LPM.

Kindly share your email ID so that I can forward the techno commercial details of the solution.

Best Regards.

Thanks. My cousin would have contacted or will contact you for quotes & details. He is already in mode to install so not sure he has finalized other vendor or not but will still contact you. Thanks for the response.


Thank you for the reply.

I guess we have been already contacted by your cousin.Have sent the quote as well. Please check and revert.


Dear All,

My sincere thanks to everyone who has contacted us after viewing the video.

I request you to have the below information handy when you contact us regarding any requirement;

A)Application: Borewell or openwell ?
B)Do you already have any pump, if yes rated hp?
C)If its a new borewell we need bore depth, bore yield, water table and total acres that need irrigation
D)Irrigation Method - Flood or drip or sprinkler?
E)Total water requirement per day?

This would help us to offer you a precise solution matching your requirement.

Thanks and regards,