"Vermicompost vs FYM"

Hi, I’m new to ployhouse. My polyhouse is under construction in Hyderabad. I would like to know either vermicpost or FYM better for bed preparation for vegetables cultivation under polyhouse. Also, would like to know the bed dimensions, proportionates FYM/vermicompost, rice husk, soil etc.

Need info on colour capsicum and cherry tomato cultivation. Is the saplings from a nursery better or sowing seeds better for these crops. What are the good companies to buy seeds for color capsicum and cherry tomato?

I appreciate any information provided.


  1. Completely degraded.
  2. Plastic free(because it is sieved)
  3. More micro nutrients available compared to FYM.
  4. Easy to handle because it is low density.
  5. Water retention quality is more compared to FYM
  6. Slightly expensive than FYM. (3000/- tonne +transport and handling)(unless you prepare your own)
  7. Chances of adulterating with soil is more.
  8. You need to locate genuine producer/suplier.


  1. Easy to procure.
  2. Adulteration can be easily found.


  1. Harmful to crops if un-degraded FYM is used.
  2. chances of weed seeds imported is more.( I got very bad and dangerous weed seeds which is not in my locality)
  3. Chocolate wraps/Shampoo sachets/broken bangles/tablet strips these are the free items you get with FYM


I fully agree with all your points with regard to the query.You have replied most specifically to
the question. I was wondering whether application of Jeeveamruth as advocated by ZBNF Guru Subhash
Palekar will take care of the needs in a superior way as well as in a cheaper way. Will some senior also reply.

Thanks & Regards,

KS Raj