Vegetable farming

Hello everyone
I am new to this forum , hope i will get help from your side.

I am new to this field , i am planning to start vegetable farming specially tomato . I have gone through some data please help me in this .
Please go through attachment and guide me .
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And your question is…?

is it possible to do farming having no experience in this field.
i have search for 2 / 3 variety of tomato and yielding upto 70- 80 ton per haecter.

if needed i will have my soil test report very soon

I heard that Arka Rakshak (ICHR, Bangalore) yields very high quantity


is yield depends on soil or not

i got this article from net

As the fruit production and quality depends upon nutrient availability and fertilizer application so balance fertilizer are applied as per requirement. The nitrogen in adequate quantity increases fruit quality, fruit size, color and taste. It also helps in increasing desirable acidic flavor. Adequate amount of potassium is also required for growth, yield and quality. Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) may be used as a starter fertilizer to supply adequate phosphorus during germination and seedling stages. Calcium availability is also very important to control soil pH and nutrient availability. Sandy soils will require a higher rate of fertilizer, and more frequent applications of these fertilizers due to increased leaching of essential nutrients. The seedlings are sprayed with starter solution of micronutrient. Before planting farm yard manure @ 50 ton per hectares should be incorporated. Normally tomato crop requires 120kg Nitrogen (N), 50kg Phosphorus (P2O5), and 50kg Potash (K2O). Nitrogen should be given in split doses. Half nitrogen and full P2O5 is given at the time of transplanting and remaining nitrogen is given after 30 days and 60 days of transplanting.

or it can be done by vermicompost

Can Anybody provide full assistance for 1 st time farming , as i have no background about this. Alternatively is there consultant for this .

More than soil, climate plays a greater role.
Is your land in Jaipur? Then tomato may not be suitable plant as it needs warmer weather
without any frost (unless you plan to grow only in the summer months).

I am having land near indore -ujjain area round about 9 acre .

the yield figure given 60 - 70 ton is the total production of a single season or it is for one year

Do you get frost in Indore during winters? If so, you can’t grow tomato there, unless you grow them in glass houses

thanks dds

yes we have fog in winters and in peak season temperature goes around 5 - 13 degrees. and what if i use green shade net

It may be expensive to grow in greenhouses. You may want to do a detailed cost analyses before venturing into this.

what are the alternate crops for cultivation in this region