Vegetable crop suggestion for sandy loam soil of paravada, visakhapatnam

Hello farmnest,

I want our fellow members to shower some light on, kind of crops that can be grown on sandy loamy soil type of paravada mandalam, visakhapatnam district. I am particularly interested in vegetables and open to some other suggestions. You suggestions may help me make this land of 3.4 acres into green world.

Thanking you,

Dear Suresh,

Please check the soil ph and if it is in the range of 6.5-5.5, suggest you to take up Sweet Potato cultivation as it comes up well in the sandy loam soils. You may expect a yield of 10 MT with an average cost of production of around 8-10K and output of Rs 5000/MT. You may contact CTCRI office at Bhubhaneshwar or International Potato Centre at the same place for Vine cuttings.

Thanks Purushotham
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