V4 pump draws more amps

I installed 2 HP 25 stage. Depth 100 mts. Used MRG 2 L&T controller. Pump draws 20 to 25 amps and runs well for 2 hrs and suddenly starts drawing more than 35 amps and stops running. Observed the voltage there is no drop. Changed the capacitor to 50 MFD and tried with same problem. Can any body suggest. Thanks in advance… Note. Even some timess fresh start also a same result.

Is the motor a single phase one ? Given the controller it should be a single phase motor . What is the motor brand ? A 2 Hp cannot use 20 amps even when it is normal run . Even with a min voltage of 150 the max current draw will be around 15 amps . Either the pump is stuck causing more load on the motor or the motor is faulty .

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