Utility vehicle with cabin, cargo and electrical power takeoff point

Multix, a personal utility vehicle, is launched this week by Eicher Polaris. It has cabin space for 5 people . The cargo space is 418 litres with 3 in back seat of the cabin. The back seat can be released to enlarge the cargo space to 1918 liters. The most important feature of this vehicle, pertinent for agriculture, is the 3 kW Electrical Power Take-off point. I always felt that small tools like brush cutters, augers, pumps etc should be electrical rather than with a small petrol engine. With the electrical power-take-off point (EPTP), such tools become feasible even in remote areas. Guess that the EPTP will appear in mini-tractors as well. With its small wheels, the Multix cannot be used as a mini-tractor. Otherwise, the small farmer need not have looked any further.

Innovative products appear in the Indian scene. Great development. 

Thank you Bhayya,

Can you Provide some IMAGES and brochure of this Vehicle for me as well as  the Purpose of our FORUM MEMBERS

An interesting vehicle indeed, but is probably just the beginning. A possible replacement for my TATA Ace for shipping small quantities of farm produce, but is currently rated to carry only 500kg.

The white plate would save some hassles too.

@vasudhafarms - detailed review on team-bhp:  Multix

Chandra@ What is the white plate please?

white colored number plate is for non commercial vehicles.