Use of digital technology for greenhouse/polyhouse?

I plan to setup a polyhouse in next couple months near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Getting immediately to the topic at hand, is there any way that laptops/softwares/mobile apps could be used to help operations or marketing or anything else in polyhouse business?

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For Poly House one can  use related equipments along with the Software for Humidity Control/Lighting/Heat / Irrigation controls etc. Whether you can use Laptop or Desktop no matter.

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    Even I am looking ahead to set up a polyhouse at Talegaon. I need someone who can help me buy land. Someone who can show me lands in that area. Even I need to know how to run polyhouse in maximum automation process and minimum human intervation. If you could help elaborate the process and give us an idea of the expenses involved. Thanks

Yes greenhouse/Poly-house can be Monitored and controlled over Laptop/Mobile.For estimation of Expense Please share the Further Details like Size in Area to control,Details of Parameters etc.You can also call at



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Defimnitely we will impart our Knowledge  what we are having.But I am a Non IT Person and will Provide the Tips I can impart. But Technically we should get the Assistance of some Software Engineers. It  will not be a Problem.

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