Urgent looking for agriculture land in Karnataka/Kerala/tamilnadu/ andhrapradesh/ odisha

I am looking for agricultural land for farming. I need minimum of 25 acres of irrigated agricultural land in Odisha / AP/ Tamilnadu/ Karnataka / Kerala .


  • My price is not more than 1 lakh per acre.lesser price is better.
  • Most be a clear property.
  • Minimum of 80% table land
  • Must be a road to the property.
  • Must have an option to get electricity.
  • Real genuine owner or seller hartly welcome with smile.
  • Must be ready to share clear information as on required.
  • Land must be mutation on my name.
  • A good sign if land touches to river or waterfall.
  • Middle men or brokers are welcome but must have right information.
  • No charge for property visit.
    *Property must not be Lord land, Panchayat or govt. Land.
  • Property must be salable to general caste.
  • Propety must have good water level.
  • Seller must speak English or Hindi well.
  • Time passers please stay away

Email on on such.freelancer@gmail.com
Mobile - +918902411185

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