TV show to highlight Indian Agri and food culture


I am Vinod, working for an MNC Chennai, I am planning a TV show to highlight Indian Agri and food culture.

If anybody interested in joining hands with me please let me know. I am looking for some financiers for this project.  As its a open forum I cannot disclose much about the show details. its a 2 year old project. Its not going to be a another Kishan programme…

Also its not a program where we spend time on interviewing farmer or foody people…

Its has its own masala and it a mind blowing programme.

Anybody interested in this project to invest please contact me.




Welcome to the forum and your idea seems interesting.

I would not like to ask more details on the project, but at a high level, how is it going to differ from all the programs and hold the audience interest? Do you plan on a single show or a series?


Thank you.  Its a series of programme.  Initially it will be on Saturday Evenings.  Then I will be extended to everyday.  Its basically about “How They Grow and How We Eat” concept.

I am planning for 2 anchors one male and one female.

Well its in a very very initial stage and I am looking for financiers for this project.


Great idea…go ahead

Finally I think I got a fiancier… :slight_smile:

Congrats, that was quick!
Keep us posted how it goes!

Wow, that is great news!  :smiley:
Good luck.

Dear Chandra / Anu,

Thanks for the encouragements. I have got proposals from 5 financiers.  But I have not finalized my financier yet. I think I will finalize a girl (Neha) who is very much interested from the begining.

I need sometime on it as all TV show’s or movie’s primary need is the producer. There should be Chemistry between the director and the producer. If they can’t join hands mutually then it would be a mess.  I want my show to be presented as I wish and my producer should also be in the same wave length.

Now my next question about choosing the TV channel… Can you tell me from your point of view on TV channels?

Snap Shots

  1. It is a 300 days show.
  2. Expecting ad revenue of Rs. 1 crore for 300 episodes in 300 days. (Need to appoint a Dedicated Marketing person for this)
  3. Investment cost for Shooting, Backend process and other stuffs (Anchor cost etc) for 100 days (300 Episodes) is 25 Lacs.

Total Expense: 25 Lacs
Minimum Returns: 1 Crore


I know only about Telugu shows and ETV seems to have some dedicated farming programs.

Chandra,  Its not any kind agri programm (no Kisan show).  Its totally a new concept.  It has its own normal masala.  Every minute of the show will be interesting.  I had been working on this project for 5 years to develop the outline.

Then I am sure you would be targetting some mainstream entertainment channels. Good luck.

Hi all,

Sorry for my delayed updation.  The agreement part is over.  Now we are in the phase of finalizing Camera crew, Anchors, Transport etc.

Will update more soon


Excellent, waiting for more!

Interesting thread.

Any recent updates?

Hi Vinod,
How are you? what is the status on agriculture TV programme?
Can you get back with latest update on the matter pls.