Trichoderma - overdose?

hi Mr chandra  good evening.
is over dose of trichoderma has any harmful effect on plants? 
i had used lot of trichoderma for the nursery of marigold. almost all the plants perished after  5 days due to damping off or collar rot. trichoderma should have controlled that diseases. some one said that it might be due to over dose of trichoderma.  i couldnot believe that.  do u have any opinions regarding this.  waiting for ur reply. . thank u

My educated guess is that there should be no issue of overdose. However I would think the physiology of biopesticide action is quite complex and dependent on a large number of factors to accurately determine efficacy.

Thank you Bhayya,

There will not be any adverse effect in using  trichoderma.  The Problem in Your Merigold Crop may have some other reason.You better Consult with your Nearest  Horticulture Officer for  getting Remedy of the Proble you are Facing.

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